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【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】Follow-up Regular Customers Report | Nanjing Darui Metal Cutting Co,.Ltd: One machine better than 6 people,it is the confidence to take big orders

At the fourth stop, we came to Nanjing Darui Mental Cutting Co.Ltd (Darui) to see how the founder Hongfa Chen used perspective thinking to bring transformation and upgrades to the development of the enterprise.



General Manager, Hongfa Chen


Nanjing Darui Metal Cutting Co., Ltd. (Dari) is engaged in sheet metal related processing business. Since its establishment in 2008, the founder Hongfa Chen has shown his courage and innovation to achieve Darui to become golden signboard sheet metal processing company in Nanjing.



"Only by introducing advanced laser equipment can I be brave enough to take big orders!", "Our company had a very low production capacity before, but it has been developing fast since buying two HGTECH machines."  Mr. Chen said while talking about the first cooperation.


In the early days of its establishment, Darui used imported CO2 laser cutting machines, which were so expensive that few local companies dared to use them. "I used imported equipment a long time ago, no matter how expensive it is to keep up with efficiency, I have to replace it. Only new equipment can have new development and courage must be there!"





One machine saves 6 men

Mr. Chen has high expectations for MARVEL12000W laser cutting machine which purchased from HGTECH in 2019. "One MARVEL can save 6 men, because 1 set is equal to 4 shears and 2 punches without grinding. It saves time, effort, and materials, and efficiency is nothing to say!"



What’s the secret of saving the cost?

Answer is the intelligence.


01|Farley-A2300 System

In addition to high-speed and high-precision performance, intelligence makes MARVEL even more powerful. The self-developed high-performance Farley-A2300 system can effectively improve the level of processing automation and reduce man cost and increase efficiency. The multi-sheet automatic edge-finding and cutting function can reduce manual loading & unloading of sheets, and increase processing efficiency by 35%. The height-following speed increase function increases the following speed of the cutting head by 25%. The automatic nozzle changing device can realize switching between different plates and processing without stopping, improving safety production efficiency.


02 | Independent R&D of Source Code

The completely independently developed source code can support intelligent systems keeps upgrading , shorten the upgrade period, and help production run more efficiently.


03 | Independent R&D of HMI

The independently developed HMI has strong professionalism, smooth interface, rigorous procedures, perfect realization of convenient operation and friendliness of human-computer interaction, reduction of operating hours, and doubled processing efficiency.



04 | Monitoring Machine

Water flow detection, nozzle collision alarm, cutting head monitoring and other functions can effectively monitor machine operations and ensure processing stability.

In addition, Marvel's remote diagnosis system clears away obstacles for customers, shortens downtime, and remote services help production, which also makes Darui feel more at ease in its development.


Of course, the secret to reducing costs and increasing efficiency is far more than these

"I mainly serve the heavy industry industry. The material shape is large and the efficiency requirements are high. HGTECH machine can meet my demands and the production capacity by 2 times, so I am not afraid to take large orders from great enterprises!"




Make ourselves bigger and stronger

"A company must not hold on to its deficiencies. I am not old and would never buy obsolete things!" For the future, Mr. Chen is determined to make an big plan to become better within three years, and promote the development of enterprise by technological innovation. "I will buy as long as you produce new machines."

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