Congratulations! HGLASER 3D 5axis laser cutting machine won the

Use design to promote industrial development. On December 11th, China International Industrial Design Expo kicked off. As the only "national brand" industrial design exhibition held in Wuhan for four consecutive times, it attracted many "black technologies" and "sharp eyes".


HGTECH has the first national-level industrial design center in domestic laser industry. We brought design products in the fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, precision micro-nano processing and other fields to the Expo, and stood out from hundreds of participating units at this time. HGLASER 3D 5-axis laser cutting machine won the "Excellent Work Award".



HGLASER 3D 5axis laser cutting machine is specially developed for the automotive thermoforming industry. It mainly solves the problems of opening and trimming of high-strength steel thermoforming parts. It has good cutting quality, fast speed and well-dynamic performance. The application of multi-axis laser processing can greatly meet the high cycle requirements of the automotive industry.


01 Design Features


Wide processing range, large effective cutting area, meeting customized needs

Each axis is independent of each other, with high cutting efficiency and good quality

Adopting gantry crane double-drive structure, fully taking into account the various elements of ergonomics; convenient mobile hand-held unit, easy to operate, and improve work efficiency


Construct a linkage mathematical model to achieve extreme speed cutting of complex curved surfaces with a world-class cutting level


Mastering the core technology, the core components of the high-performance 3D laser cutting head and kilowatt-class fiber laser are independently developed, which greatly enhances product competitiveness and customer service experience.



02 Solve difficulties


The lightweight automobile has given rise to the vigorous development of the thermoforming industry, and high-strength thermoforming body structures are increasingly being applied to automobile production. thermoforming steel uses its ultra-high strength to achieve the purpose of lightweight.


HGLASER 3D 5axis laser cutting machine conducts high-density, high-energy beams through optical fibers, and uses non-contact three-dimensional flexible operations and fast processing of parts. It is flexible, fast and high-stability, which solves problem of high loss rate generated by traditional stamping.

3D 5axis laser cutting machine stands out as a laser processing solution for cutting complex curved surfaces, boosting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.


03 Application


In addition to the automotive thermoforming industry, 3D 5axis laser cutting machines are also widely used in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, military, medical equipment, home appliances and other industries.


Industrial design is the starting point of the innovation chain and the source of the value chain. Relying on the state-level industrial design center, HGLaser will promote high-quality development with design, actively integrate into the national manufacturing power strategy, make an good example for the laser industry, and improve The influence of industrial design achievements in laser industry.

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