First international standard for laser products was established in China—HG Laser participated in the formulation!

International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recently announced a standard called "Industrial Fiber Laser Parameter Requirements and Test Methods", which has officially become an international standard in the field. The standard is proposed by the National Laser Processing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Hubei Provincial Institute of Standardization, and it is the first international standard on laser products in China.



The National Laser Processing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was organized under the leadership of HGTECH. It aims to gather rich innovative resources, realize cooperation between industry, university and research, jointly explore the future of laser applications, and promote the rapid development of laser industry. The preparatory work for the formulation of this international standard was officially launched in 2016. It was initiated by the Industry Alliance and gathered high-quality universities and enterprises such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology,HGLASER, Raycus Laser, etc. In 2018, it was approved by the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The project was established and then formulated in strict accordance with the IEEE process. After two years of hard work, it officially became a mainstream standard recognized by international


It is understood that the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a technical organization with great influence in the world, its standards association has organized a series of international standards for wireless communications and smart grids. It is a global leader in the number of standards adopted and frequency of use.


This standard is about the limitation of the main parameters and detection methods of fiber lasers. Laser device is the "heart" of laser equipment. Fiber lasers are the industrial lasers with the largest market share at present and are the mainstream products in the market. In the past, fiber lasers in china were completely imported, but as a group of outstanding laser companies keep technological innovation ,research and development, they gradually realize their localization and even export overseas. The birth of Chinese first international standard for laser products means that technical strength in the field has been internationally recognized, and it also reflects the high manufacturing level of domestic fiber lasers.


HGTECH has been actively participating in the formulation of international standards in recent years, and strives to build advantages of technical and brand into standard advantages, then overseas market are more benefit from Chinese excellent products and services.


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