【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】2020 Follow-up Regular Customers Report

For the first cooperation, I chose strong strength
Walking hand in hand, the firm is brand trust

HGlaser's 2020 "Customer Return Visit" kicked off in October. After more than two months, it traveled across the north and south, visited many customers, and recorded the upward force that went hand in hand.

New technology upgrade, automatic to smart
The beginning of cooperation means multi-dimensional innovation in business directions and production methods; long-term cooperation means that in continuous technological innovation, the pulse of the times will usher in new development opportunities.

Replacing the old processing methods with laser equipment is the beginning of the story between HG Laser and many customers.

Wuhan Guanglianfa Laser Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guanglianfa"), which is mainly engaged in laser and power supply equipment, structural parts processing, and agricultural environmental protection equipment processing, has been cooperating with HGlaser since 2015. Laser cutting equipment has replaced the traditional water cutting and plasma cutting, and the processing accuracy, work efficiency, cutting section and other aspects have been significantly improved. The update of technology and the development of craftsmanship have also made GF's production of sheet metal parts qualitatively change.

In 2016, with the recovery of the construction machinery industry, Liyang Hongfeng Color Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongfeng") is determined to use new equipment to leverage new markets. "There are 7.5 meters in the size of the plates we process, which can't be processed by ordinary bed." The WALC laser cutting machine that can meet the processing stability and ultra-large format laser processing has become Hongfeng's best choice. It can perfectly combine wide-width processing and local high-speed and high-precision processing, and can process two plates of different specifications at the same time. "Not only the processing efficiency is increased by 3 times, the utilization rate of the plates is also increased, and the processing accuracy is very high. The accuracy error of punching and punching is not more than 0.1mm."

HGlaser not only provides stand-alone equipment, but also provides customers with a complete set of laser intelligent manufacturing solutions that can work closely together and increase productivity. Heixuanfeng Saw Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Heixuanfeng") has successively introduced more than 30 HG laser equipments over the years, and established a laser digital preparation processing center based on this. This is currently the world's saw blade substrate industry, with the largest number of cutting equipment, the most complete specifications, and the most powerful production unit with cutting capabilities. "This laser processing center has increased our production capacity by at least 20%, achieving the goal of reducing staff and increasing efficiency." The person in charge of the center introduced.

The "Monitoring Equipment Management System" launched by HGlaser is the inevitable choice for many cooperative enterprises to catch the intelligent manufacturing express and improve their core competitiveness. The laser processing equipment can be monitored through a mobile phone, realizing the full life cycle management of the equipment, reducing operation and maintenance costs, and efficiently responding to the intelligent upgrade needs of cooperative enterprises. In the mouth of Dongguan Luhai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Luhai"), this is a "new weapon" for the sheet metal processing industry to improve quality and efficiency in the era of intelligent manufacturing.

In the big environment of intelligent manufacturing, many customers will make efforts in the four aspects of stand-alone automation, online intelligence, product modularization, and factory informatization, and use intelligent manufacturing to achieve rapid development. And HG Laser not only provides basic guarantee for the new four modernizations, but also uses intelligent manufacturing to drive the high-quality development of customer enterprises through comprehensive strategic cooperation.

Continuous service line, responsible and responsible
"If you are in a hurry, and solve people's puzzles, HG Laser will never disconnect its service anytime and anywhere." This is Hei Xuanfeng  evaluation of HG laser's services.

"Customer-centered" is the working principle that every laser master keeps in mind. Whether the after-sales service response is timely or not is related to whether the customer's production can be maintained normally, speed is everything! Emergency deployment, rushing to the scene overnight, and "eating instant noodles" on New Year's Day to work overtime for repairs. In repeated tests, the lasers have proved the customer-centric service concept with practical actions.

Mr. Lin from Dongguan Luhai said that HGlaser "does not shirk when it comes to things, talk less and do more and take responsibility. Such a company gives me peace of mind and satisfaction."

Even during the epidemic this year, HG Laser actively responded to the maintenance needs of Black Tornado Thailand branch relying on high-quality localized employee system and domestic and overseas linkage services. Even thousands of miles away, continuous service can be achieved. After finding the problem, he took the initiative to adjust the equipment package production to the customer, so that Xuanfeng Hei felt the ultimate customer-centric service.

HGlaser's service is not only timely, but also actively cooperates with the enterprise's production upgrade and innovation. The technical transformation requirements of the production line proposed by customers guide the direction of R&D and improvement of HGlaser technology, and promote HGlaser to grow with customers. Chairman Hei Xuanfeng Zhang said: "In order to respond to our production line technical transformation needs, HG Laser took the initiative to transport the equipment to the site for use. After a period of trial operation, the equipment is indeed easy to use, which improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Guaranteed quality, stable operation, increase production capacity

In 2019, Nanjing Darui Metal Cutting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dari”) purchased MARVEL 12000W laser cutting machine from HGlaser. “One MARVEL can save 6 workers, because 1 set is equal to 4 shears plus Two punches, no need to polish, save time, effort and materials, and the efficiency has nothing to say!" This equipment has given Darry a lot of support to increase production capacity. Mr. Chen from Nanjing Darry explained, "I mainly serve the heavy industry. The volume is large and the efficiency requirements are high, and the HGlaser equipment can increase my efficiency and productivity by 2 times, and I am not afraid of receiving large orders and urgent orders!"

Only with super high quality can the performance be maximized and the technology can be displayed to the fullest. These high-quality equipment give customers the confidence to choose again and again.

"Choose it, is to choose efficiency, efficiency brings big productivity!" Hongfeng Shi always commented on the WALC laser cutting machine. After five years of operation, the equipment is still stable! Long-term stable performance and high-quality production have made Hongfeng "the largest processing station in Liyang". Within 3 years after purchasing WALC for the first time, Hongfeng then purchased 4 laser equipment from HGlaser. These sharp tools for improving quality and efficiency have made "Liyang largest processing station" full of confidence.

With the increase in business volume and the demand for thick plate cutting, GLP has purchased an additional 15000W laser equipment based on the original 4000W equipment, which not only increases the cutting efficiency by 200%-300%, but also achieves Air cutting, sharp corner cutting, thin-wall cutting, quick perforation of thin plates, small holes in thick plates, etc.; at the same time, the cutting section is smoother, eliminating the need for follow-up grinding time, reducing labor costs by 20%, and improving work efficiency. Big improvement.

Witness the giant leap of HGlaser
The companies visited by the "2020 Customer Follow-up" are just a microcosm of the thousands of customers of HG Laser. Around the world, tens of thousands of HG Laser equipment and intelligent production lines are operating safely, efficiently, and smoothly every day, realizing the enjoyment of global value.

Use innovative technology, thoughtful service and first-class quality
For the long-term development of the company, win-win cooperation
Provide inexhaustible power
We are synergistic on the road of intelligent manufacturing
It is giant leap for HGLASER!

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