Conversation| Jiangang Wangle, the general manager of HGLaser Precision Business Group: Change is only in progress, not completed

During the lunch break, Jiangang Wang, the general manager of HGLaser Precision Business Group, still kept ringing on his phone, and he was busy handling arrangements. The market environment is changing rapidly, and only by adapting to changes can the market not be eliminated.


Since last year, HG Laser Precision Business Group has successively launched a series of new products such as "Light Blade" and "Feiyao". During the epidemic, it has tailored a complete set of "laser + automation" solutions for the medical protection industry to adapt to the rapid changes in the market. Keep up with customer needs.

Aiming at industry development trends and meeting new challenges


With the vigorous development of new infrastructure, industries such as 5G and smart manufacturing are also showing new vigor and vitality.


5G network construction is inseparable from laser technology. On the one hand, 5G base stations are developing towards lightness, thinness and miniaturization. On the other hand, mobile phone terminals also use new materials such as glass to meet the characteristics of high speed and low latency. This requires laser technology. Meet its high-efficiency and high-quality processing requirements. Wang Jiangang said that the precision business group has deployed a series of products for 5G mobile phones and base stations, including ultra-fast glass processing, glass welding, filter appearance inspection and other types of products to accurately build product capabilities and provide customers with overall solutions.

Intelligent manufacturing is a key move to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. In the future, the precision industry will develop towards "laser + inspection + informationization + automation + intelligence", and the precision business group will actively enter new industries such as measurement, semiconductor assembly, and intelligent manufacturing. , The products are gradually transforming to “special machine + automation”, focusing on building automated production lines.  Jiangang Wang said, “The precision business group has begun to explore intelligent manufacturing very early, and the FLYING product line has successfully built intelligent production workshops for customers in the pipe industry. This saves labor costs and realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase in customer production."


In-depth cooperation with customers to seek new opportunities


"Customer-centric, market-oriented" is an "iron law" of the precision business group. Jiangang Wang said that the product planning and technological innovation of the precision business group are all based on customer needs. In order to understand the needs of customers in the first time and provide quality services to customers, the business group actively carried out marketing reforms to realize the "industry + major customers + region" management model. At the same time, after-sales service and market promotion were strongly supported to build a three-dimensional marketing mode. Based on this marketing model, during the epidemic, the business group once again won orders from major customers in the 3C field.

The precision business group does not stop at project cooperation with customers. Jiangang Wang said with a smile. We will further in-depth cooperation with customers, strengthen capital coordination, industry coordination, and resource coordination, and work with major customers from projects. The type of cooperation has been transformed into an organizational type of cooperation to jointly explore new opportunities in the industry, lead the development of high-end markets, promote technological innovation, create a sustainable ecosystem, achieve mutual benefit and achieve a win-win situation. "In recent years, the precision business group has been engaged in brittle materials. , Metal structural parts, 5G antennas, module assembly and other application fields have in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned 3C consumer electronics companies.


Without fear of change, lead development with innovation


"There is no end to the change!" Jiangang Wang said firmly, "The economic environment, customer needs and other external environments are constantly changing, so we have to change." In the past two years, the precision business group has continued to change and vigorously improved sales. , Promote the optimization and transformation of product structure, form a strong product line core market/technology/supply chain moat, and lay the foundation for high-quality development.

At the same time, establish a VRM rapid product generation mechanism based on market demand, focus on the industry, refine unit technology, and achieve standardization of some products, so as to meet the different needs of customers, it can quickly produce special products required by customers, which greatly improves Improve the efficiency of R&D and production, prepare sufficient "ammunition" for market development of the marketing team, and basically realize one generation of sales, one generation of research and development, and one generation of reserves.


Changes are only in progress, not in completion. This year, the precision business group continues to introduce IPD management, build a full-process lean production system, continuously improve efficiency and quality, consolidate the foundation for development, and enhance soft power.

For companies, they should set up a mirror in front of themselves, look for gaps, understand gains and losses, and then make continuous progress. In Wang Jiangang’s office, there are various key documents posted on a wall. One of them is a comparison chart of the precision business group and the organizational structure of company. The picture has been filled with signs and marks with signature pens, recording repeated thinking Those days and nights.

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