Cutting-edge Report丨HGLASER Promote Development of Intelligent Wearable Devices Industry

Introduce to development trend of smart wearable devices in terms of 5G promotion and smart wearable ecosystem. These are the “soft requirements” of smart wearable devices. What are the “hard requirements” in the processing process. ?


Wearable devices integrate software interaction, PCB circuit boards and other electronic components,

Various materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, sapphire, elastomer, etc. are available on the hardware

"Smaller, thinner and more variable" in form

In terms of technology, laser technologies such as hot bending, two-color injection molding, ceramic injection molding, and MIM processing have the characteristics of high precision, high energy, and high speed, and can perform precision micro-hole processing on metal or non-metal parts and other workpieces. Due to its high efficiency, good roundness, no direct contact in processing, and no cutting force, it is widely used in smart watches, bracelets, and even smart wearable devices such as TWS and AR.


The 2020 Smart Wearable Materials and Application Summit Forum was held on December 19 in Guanlan, Shenzhen. HG Laser brought smart wearable full-process solutions, 3D laser engraving machines and wearable samples to the show to chat about industry development and the latest technological hot spots.

What are the full-process solutions of HGLaser Smart Wearable?


3D laser engraving machine

It is suitable for precision marking of curved appearance parts such as watches and TWS earphones.


High-precision 3D galvanometer, self-developed 3D software and control system, realize the processing of arbitrary curved workpieces

High-color, non-damaged marking, achieving high-contrast marking with clear and delicate appearance

Optional auto focus, power feedback, QR code reading, visual operation and other functions

Single platform picosecond UV cutting machine

Through ultra-fast laser cutting technology, LCP/MPI/FPC cutting of watch antennas is realized.


Process breakthrough: Take 25um thick Coverlay cutting as an example, HAZ<10um, to ensure no shortness; FPC open window half-cut, depth control can reach ±5um, to ensure that the bottom line is not damaged

Intelligent system: It has the function of automatically identifying the barcode of the ID card, importing the production function of the material number, and has the automatic recording system of the production condition of the material number

Fast cutting speed: 25um Coverlay, cutting line speed ≥80mm/s, 50um Coverlay, cutting line speed ≥80mm/s

Laser power real-time monitoring function: real-time viewing of power status to ensure the stability of the cutting product

Ultrafast laser glass cutting equipment

The ultra-fast laser filament cutting technology is used to cut the watch protective cover to replace the traditional CNC processing mode.


Picosecond laser wire cutting process: the third generation of picosecond laser processing technology, "direct cut through"

Linear motor PSO control: um-level accuracy, synchronization of path control, "heterosexual cutting"

Mechanical vision compensation: CCD vision camera positioning, offset correction compensation, "Sky Eye Correction"

QCW high-speed splitter one with two welding machine

Used in the welding of metal structural parts such as antenna shrapnel, crown, charging column in wearable products.


High beam quality fiber laser

Fast switching between multiple optical paths, high efficiency

Multi-process welding at the same time, cost-effective

Can be used with manual workbench or automatic line body, with flexible matching

Automatic glass inspection machine

For glass processing and manufacturing companies and panel manufacturers, an independently developed machine vision inspection system is used to detect surface defects of flat and curved glass.


The defect recognition rate can reach the level of manual inspection

Detection efficiency ≥ 3 times labor

Independent development of core technology, integration of automation mechanism to realize automatic loading and unloading


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