The first heavyweight industry exhibition in 2021

We are coming!

Focus on hot spots in the optoelectronic industry

Omni-directional, multi-angle

Showcasing popular products and innovative application technologies in the industry


Take this the annual gathering of the optoelectronics industry

HGLASER is full of sincerity and ready for it

Preaching dry goods, customized dining tables, exquisite gifts...

Do not miss it?


New Ideas

Boundless Laser Application    Intelligent Perspective Future


Discuss the all-round integration of laser processing and intelligent manufacturing

On-site display of ultra-high power laser intelligent equipment

Precision micro-nano laser intelligent equipment

Laser + smart manufacturing

In the fields of automation, smart factories, etc.

Comprehensive solution

Invite industry experts to explain the industry prospects in detail

Point and noodle

Talk to the participants about the future smart manufacturing world



Series of flagship products, cutting-edge technology in the industry

We use leading equipment and mature solutions

Satisfy your needs


BF series CNC fiber laser bevel cutting machine

Adopting a new generation of fiber laser bevel cutting technology, with high technical threshold, excellent performance, and world-leading cost performance, it is mainly used in ship, bridge, construction machinery and other industries.

High precision: groove precision ±0.5mm

Strong ability: a variety of grooves can be cut straight at one time

Good quality: bright surface cutting is no problem


Ultrafast laser glass welding machine

Applicable to 3C, 5G and other industries, through ultra-fast laser processing technology, to achieve welding between transparent and brittle materials (glass, etc.), to solve the precision welding and installation of 3C, 5G product parts, and to improve the product's aesthetics, welding strength and stability.


Power real-time monitoring module

Inner coaxial vision module

Rangefinder vision positioning module

Realize ultra-fast infrared laser welding function


LWF150SC hydrogen fuel metal bipolar plate welding machine

This system is mainly used for welding metal bipolar plates of hydrogen fuel cells. It adopts gantry worktable, fiber laser, and galvanometer welding system. Manual picking and unloading of materials, product positioning, welding and testing are completed step by step.

Large format XYZ three-dimensional platform, format size can be customized

Customized development of laser and motion control software

CCD positioning and inspection system, correction before welding, inspection after welding

Coaxial gas protection device to ensure the consistency of welding quality

Special fixture to ensure welding consistency and control product deformation

It can be used off-line on a stand-alone machine, or used in conjunction with an automated production line


MR20-line3D laser online engraving machine

It is suitable for 3C, auto parts, instrumentation, white goods, medical equipment and other industries. Through 3D processing technology, it realizes laser removal and discoloration marking functions on the surface of special-shaped products, and solves 3C, auto parts surface process technology and traceable 3D laser marking machine.

Inner coaxial vision module

QR code reading and rating function

Power detection module

Realize 3D laser marking function


Laser + Intelligent manufacturing will give sheet metal processing, 3C/5G

Manufacturing in the fields of automobile manufacturing, new energy, fast-moving consumer goods, etc.

What kind of qualitative leap did it bring?

HGlaser will also present more systematic solutions on site!


During the exhibition

HGlaser will participate in two forums

Host four presentations

Knowledge and new technology


The 8th China Laser Market Summit Forum

Theme: Full connection, full perception, full intelligence, analysis of high-quality development path in the era of smart manufacturing

Combining the company's new vision and mission, listen to how the industry leaders interpret China's laser industry and how to find a new path to high-quality development in the future.


Roundtable Forum

Many domestic and foreign laser industry experts and entrepreneurs gathered together to discuss the future of laser. Topics related to:

How do domestic enterprises construct a new development strategy pattern at home and abroad?

How can laser companies further strengthen the connection between the innovation chain and the industrial chain, and continue to release the potential of domestic demand?

How to continue to overcome the bottleneck challenges faced in the industry chain and move towards true Chinese smart manufacturing?


Booth presentation

Come to the China laser booth, there will be wonderful presentations every day, and see how the professional experts who have been deeply involved in the laser processing industry view the future of smart manufacturing~


Laser changes the world, beveling changes production

Application trend of laser precision micro-nano processing


Know more

Shanghai New International Expo Center


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