Pico-second Laser Curved Glass 3D Cutting Represent Success of Laser Application Solution for Brittle Material Industry

With the advent of the technological revolution in the precision manufacturing industry, brittle materials represented by sapphire, glass, and ceramics are playing an increasingly important role in end products. In order to solve the problem of low production efficiency, low machining accuracy, tough CNC processing, and high labor cost in the brittle material industry


HGlaser launches series solutions for customers and keep updating application in brittle materials industry as the leading brand of "Laser + Intelligent Manufacturing"



HGlaser Solution for Laser + Intelligent Equipment in Brittle Material Field


Brittle material shape processing-LUD2120-smooth blade-sapphire cutting


LUS2210-Sapphire Punching


LK300-Glass Cutting


LUGS2920-Glass Punching


Brittle material assembly-LUGW2110-Glass Welding


Brittle material surface treatment-LUS2330-Coating Removal


Brittle material traceability-LUM2640-Glass Coding


LUR2640-Glass Reading Code


Brittle material defect detection-E30-1-Glass Defect Detection


HGlaser has newly released the 10th generation of brittle material solutions after the world's first launch of pico-second laser cutting machine series/glass camera cutting solution in 2019, the pico-second laser curved glass 3D cutting represent the success of the laser application solution for the brittle material industry.


Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Compared with the cutting efficiency of the cutter wheel, the cutting efficiency is increased by 50%, so that the speed is no longer a limitation


Replacement of knife wheel cutting and artificial splitting process

Release 4-8 manpower and save cost by 20-40%



Quality improvement

Product yield rate hit a new high

New picosecond process technology, good beam quality, dimensional accuracy <0.05mm

Edge chipping after cutting <20um, the edge effect is much better than that of cutter wheel cutting

Hot and cold cracks, the finished product is easy to fall off, and the product yield rate is as high as 99%


Strong compatibility


Set according to need, modular splicing, structure arbitrary arrangement

Responding to the face, cutting surface products, measuring the world with radian

compatible with product size cutting within 350mm×250mm,

Curvature 1200±100mm, and it is also compatible with cutting single and double curves




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