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Technology Leads, Double The Growth! HGlaser Launches Many New Products Worldwide

Recently, HGLaser held the factory open day and the world premiere ceremony of the super heavy tube laser 3D machining center.


Fill the market gap and lead the new technology. At the event site, HGLaser released two intelligent equipment developed for the pain points of the industry, namely, an overweight tube laser 3D machining center and a high-power tube laser cleaning equipment, and exhibited a variety of ultra-high-power laser cutting, laser welding intelligent equipment and automated production lines.


The production line of "Streamlined Intelligent Manufacturing" attracts numerous eyes, and "producing cutting machines like cars" is realized here. From high-end intelligent equipment to automated production lines to smart factories, HGLaser has brought the wind of "intelligent manufacturing" to the modern industrial wave with the overall solution of intelligent manufacturing.


First launch of new products


Pay attention to industry demand, enhance independent research and development ability, and make up for industry vacancy with innovative products. The two new products released this time face the pain points of the industry.


Laser cleaning equipment for high-power pipes

The first in the industry! Double the speed of pipe cleaning

High-power pipe laser cleaning equipment is customized and developed for metal pipe processing and energy industry, which can clean round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, elliptical pipe and special-shaped pipe by laser. The tube with a length of 6m and a diameter of 60mm only needs 10 minutes to be cleaned by laser, and it is as clean as ever.


Industry pain point

Traditional pipe cleaning methods: mainly mechanical and manual grinding, with low efficiency and high manual strength; Shot peening and pickling will cause environmental pollution.


Unique advantage

High standard: manufactured according to international export standards

Fast speed: high dynamic response, with the highest positioning speed of 90m/min

Processing strength: cleaning diameter is 20-220mm, and the longest length is 6m

Stability: hanging wall structure, driven by gear and rack of motor, and stable structure of transmission parts

Automation: full automatic loading and unloading


Ultra-heavy tube laser three-dimensional machining center

"A machine replaces a factory"

The first laser 3D machining center for overweight pipes in China is independently developed by HGLaser, aiming at automatic laser cutting of super-large, overweight and super-long pipes and sections, and realizing high automation of feeding, cutting and moving out. With high rigidity, high efficiency and high precision machining ability.


Industry pain point

At present, domestic construction machinery, three-dimensional garage, water treatment and other industries have great demand for large-scale profiles, but it is difficult to transport materials between existing processes, with a large number of workers and high labor costs.

Processing equipment with a pipe diameter of 200-500mm is basically monopolized by foreign countries, and its price is expensive.


Unique advantage

Innovation and subversion of independent research and development: the maximum processing pipe diameter is 508mm, and the maximum load of a single pipe is 2.7t

Cost saving: 4 chucks and 0 tailings cutting

Intelligent machining: three-dimensional five-axis groove cutting

Gifted: channel steel, I-type, C-type, L-type and other complex profiles, all cut

Multi-function with one machine: one-stop processing of cutting, drilling and tapping



Subversion of production

In March this year, HG Science and Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park (Phase III) was officially put into operation, drawing a high-standard blueprint for intelligent production of laser equipment. Now, the "Streamlined Intelligent Manufacturing" production line has been officially put into use, attracting countless eyes on the spot.


As the first production line of high-power laser equipment in China, this production line realizes multi-equipment, standardization, automation and batch production of laser equipment, which is an important guarantee for the processing ability and quality of laser equipment.


Industry concern


With many "initiatives" and many "heavyweights", industry customers and suppliers from all over the world have shown great enthusiasm and concern for these new equipment and new production lines.




Zhu Xiao

Director of National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing


Laser plays an important role in China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. With the continuous maturity of high-power light sources, more traditional processes will be transformed into laser processing, and the industrial prospects will be broader.



Deng Jiake

General Manager of HGLaser, the core subsidiary of HG technology


Relying on the leading "Streamlined Intelligent Manufacturing" production line in China, HGLaser produces advanced laser intelligent equipment just like automobiles, which improves delivery power and product power and provides customers with better production tools.



Tian Jiajiang

General Manager of Tianjin Tongfeng Jianye


Seeing these new equipment and "streamlined intelligent manufacturing" production lines, I believe that HGLaser will use its technological advantages and innovative ability to inject surging momentum into the development and construction of Tongfeng Jianye.



Drive high-quality development with technology

Guided by the market, the transformation of digital intelligence


In the future, HGLaser will continue to enrich the laser core

Expand the boundary of "intellectual creation"

Break through industry barriers

Let laser technology and intelligent manufacturing solutions

Become a driving force for production and empowering society

Advanced tools and concepts

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