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The Special-shaped Tube Headstock and Laser Cutting Machine of HG Laser Won the First Hubei Patent Gold Award

A few days ago, HG Laser's invention patent "Special-shaped tube headstock and laser cutting machine", a core subsidiary of HGTECH won the first Hubei Patent Award issued by the People's Government of Hubei Province.


Laser cutting and welding are widely used in the industrial field. In the tube processing industry, laser processing equipment for conventional round and rectangular tubes no longer met the market demand. Adhering to the customer-centered and market-oriented principle, HG Laser launched a special-shaped tube headstock and laser cutting machine through the research and application of the key technologies of the laser cutting and welding system. The core pushing structure enables one-to-one correspondence between the transmission components and the jaws. It can be clamped in place in one step while clamping the special-shaped tube. This solves the common problem that the accuracy of the fixture is not high and directly affects the cutting accuracy. It owns plenty of advantages, including the easy operation, the clamping accuracy rate of 99% , and the reliable clamping, and its processing efficiency is increased by nearly three times. It can be widely used in industries such as automobiles and ships.


"At present, this patented technology has been applied to HG Laser's laser cutting and welding equipment, and the products are exported to many countries in the Americas, East Asia and Southeast Asia, creating a direct output value of over 1 billion yuan." According to the person in charge of HG Laser's patent research and development, this patent has been authorized and put into application to fill the shortcomings of laser processing equipment, and provides technical personnel in related fields with ideas for improving clamping efficiency. Previously, only foreign counterparts had mastered relevant technologies.


In recent years, HGTECH has taken innovation as the criterion to comprehensively improve the quality of intellectual property creation, utilization efficiency and service capabilities, and has continuously made new progress in R&D and innovation. It was recently approved the "2020 Hubei Province Intellectual Property Transformation Guidance and Development Special Project (High Value) Intellectual Property Cultivation Project)".


The Hubei Patent Award is reviewed by the Hubei Patent Award Reward Committee established by the Provincial People's Government, which is selected every 5 years. In this selection, a total of 20 patents won gold awards and 5 patents won silver awards.

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