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First Stop of HGTECH Overseas Event- Busan International Machinery Fair 2021


Busan International Machinery Fair

Time: May 26- 29,2021

Add: Busan Exhibition & Convention Center

Booth No/ H-03


Flash newsHGTECH get first on-site order of MARVEL 15KW fiber laser cutting machine with customer after ONE HOUR of the exhibition


After the tough days in 2020, let’s sail again. This is the fourth time that HGTECH has participated in the Busan International Machinery Fair (BUTECH), bringing the latest advanced technology to customers around the world with the topic of "laser + intelligent manufacturing". Let’s have a browsing what HGTECH shows in BUTECH withe the theme of Boundless Laser Application, Intelligent Perspective Future


Busan International Machinery Fair is the first stop of HGTECH overseas event in 2021 which is large-scale and highly sophisticated

HGTECH localization strategy and overseas sales network layout escort the stable development of overseas markets while the Convid-19 influence the whole world. With the support of local technicians and service personnel, and linkage with China, We are here to bring the best solution and technology to our customers


The biennial Busan International Machinery Fair is co-sponsored by the Busan City Government of South Korea and the Busan Machine Tool Industry Association. It focuses on the development of the machinery industry, connects the supply and demand sides of the industry, keeps up with the latest industry trends in the machining market, and showcases automation equipment and smart factory solutions to promote the integration of East Asian machinery manufacturing with the intelligent era.


This is also the fourth consecutive time that HGTECH has participated in BUTECH, and all the great technologies are here~!

HGTECH combined with market demand, exhibited WALC1535 large-format laser cutting machine in BUTECH



The model is designed for high-efficiency cutting of super-large sheets, and is applied in batches such as long-distance machinery, shipbuilding, rail transit and other industries. HGTECH has independent research and development for large-scale sheet five-axis bevel cutting machine based on the market demand for large-batch medium-thick plate bevel cutting

Airborne structure: The overall moving structure of the large cross-beam, and the synchronous drive of the double-sided wheel bars. The machine electric cabinet, the water circuit system, the Z-axis box, the cutting head, the operating table and other core components are installed on the beam.

Humanized operation: The special CNC system for laser cutting is combined with a super-large work table, which strengthens the humanized operation and makes the movement stable and reliable.

Customized service: The fixed workbench can be customized by the user to facilitate the loading of large plates, and the small plates can be added while loading.



Under the long-term international market layout of HGTECH and the globalization opportunity and the policy of “Based on the domestic big cycle, smooth domestic and international double cycles”, the laser industry is striving for intelligent manufacturing with the same frequency as the international.


HGTECH unwinding and blanking machine series firmly hold the sales champion in the Korean market. The self-developed high-speed three-head laser intelligent unwinding and blanking production line has been put into production and used by many customers at home and abroad. This is the only new type of intelligent flexibility with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. Laser processing equipment and production lines.

• In the field of automobile manufacturing, Ford's body-in-white welding production line in Vietnam, Ford Laser Marking Project in Thailand, Dongfeng Sokon in Indonesia, and SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Laser Marking Project...The intensive cultivation in the automobile field has increased overseas.

• HGTECH plans to establish the largest laser cutting, marking, and welding equipment technology and exhibition center in the Middle East.

• As of the first quarter of 2021, HGTECH overseas business achieved a year-on-year growth of 204.5%, with customers covering Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania.


Relying on overseas branches and a network of agents across all continents, HGTECH has given full play to the advantages of localized sales and after-sales teams in multiple regions around the world, allowing continuous growth in overseas performance.



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