Fiber Days- Open House Exhibition at BLECHEXPO

From 25 to 29 October 2021, HGTECH held its Open House Exhibition in Germany under the theme of "Fiber Days", where it is the largest demonstration centre of HGTECH in Europe.

As the world's leading brand in cutting and welding technology, HGTECH, with the vision of "Innovation fuels better world", has been developing step by step on the road to laser industrialization and has achieved one leap forward in laser cutting technology after another. At this Open House Exhibition we will not only showcase the latest cutting technology, but also automation solutions.

In addition to invited customers, experts from the industry also gathered to share their knowledge, promote technology and answer questions, as we witnessed developments and breakthroughs in the field of laser cutting technology together with the industry elite.


laser cutting products

The customers had a detailed introduction of the core technology and R&D strength of the laser equipment and solutions, and experienced the operation of the Marvel series laser cutting machine on site. With much more smoother cross-section and higher precision, the effect of processing sample parts on site won the customers' praise.


6kW & 12kW Marvel Series Laser Cutting Machine

  • High cutting speeds with maximum economic efficiency.
  • Well-known components from German manufacturers.
  • Widely used in sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing and other industries.


Automatic solutions


  • Experience the MARVEL in combination with a Remmert LaserFLEX.
  • Increase your productivity & profitability.
  • Automatic loading and unloading.


Nitrogen generator


  • Produce your own nitrogen in the future
  • Save up to 80% of the previous costs
  • Become independent with full cost control


Germany has a highly developed industry with the most complete industrial system in the world, and is at the forefront of the world in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Laser technology is driving the development of industry and manufacturing towards automation and intelligence, and HGTECH is actively deploying to this European market.


As a well-known industrial laser brand with 46 years of brand history, HGTECH is committed to developing advanced laser equipment and providing professional and mature laser processing solutions for various industries.

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