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illuminating the future and forging the new era_OVC-EXPO2021

On October 27, HGTECH presented laser heavy equipment, precision micro processing equipment, 5G and data centre products at the 18th International Optoelectronics Expo.


With its unparalleled advantages, laser technology has become an important tool to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. After the introduction of automation and networking technologies, laser manufacturing has also started to transform into intelligent manufacturing. In recent years, HGTECH has been strengthening its independent innovation capability, developing high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, so that laser "smart" equipment is deeply applied in various industries of the national economy.


POCT: Intelligent manufacturing solution for the medical industry


POCT (instant test) may sound unfamiliar to the general public, but we have actually been exposed to such products in our lives for a long time, such as blood glucose testing for diabetics, alcohol testing for drivers, early pregnancy testing in the early stages of pregnancy and the 3-15 minute rapid screening kits that were reported during the covid epidemic, all of which are practical applications of the POCT concept.


To help the development of the health industry, HGTECH has launched intelligent manufacturing solutions for the medical industry, customizing several mature high-precision automated whole-line systems to provide strong support for R&D and mass production in the IVD (in vitro diagnostics) - POCT industry.



(POCT Automatic filling and sealing systems)


During the China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum, HGTECH exhibited an automatic filling and sealing system for the production of POCT chemiluminescent single-component kits, which stand out in the response to graded diagnosis and treatment due to their easy operation, accurate results and no waste of reagents on the go. In order to meet the mass production of single-person kits, HGTECH has developed a complete set of high-speed automatic filling and sealing production line. This high-speed automatic line of 2400pcs/h realizes the functions of automatic filling, sealing, cutting and testing to the finished product, and can be extended to be compatible with various models and product sizes.


New energy: Laser processing helps to develop the hydrogen industry


Hydrogen energy is called "the most promising secondary energy in the 21st century", and hydrogen fuel cells, as an important part of "hydrogen energy storage", have become a new development trend in the new energy battery industry.

For the core of hydrogen fuel cell - bipolar plate, HGTECH based on the cutting edge of technology, closely layout the hydrogen fuel bipolar plate processing market, led by bipolar plate welding equipment, development of hydrogen fuel metal bipolar plate welding, cutting, assigning code and automatic solutions.



(LWF150SC Hydrogen fuel metal bipolar plate duplex welding machine)


The product adopts a double-station gantry design, with a simple process and fast connection speed, and is compatible to cover the mainstream metal bipolar products currently on the market, meeting the market's high requirements for sealing, solidity, consistency, durability and flatness of the bipolar connection process.


Cleaning machine: Helping bridges to build stronger "bones"


A "big guy" at the exhibition attracted many people to stop and watch, the equipment is the first Chinese bridge industry U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine. The core components of the U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine is presented at this exhibition, about 18m long, mainly to show the U-rib automatic transport and laser cleaning station applications. The core components of this cleaning machine are completely developed by HGTECH independently.


An A4 sheet of paper must have a supporting object if it is to stand upright, otherwise it will fall down when the wind blows, and this is precisely the role of the U-rib in bridges, which sustains the bridge. In order to improve the rigidity of the steel bridge deck, stiffening ribs are generally set up under the deck plate, of which U-rib is the most common form of stiffening rib. The cracks in the welded joints between the U-rib and the deck plate can affect traffic safety. The welding quality is not only related to the laser welding process and the type of welding material, but also directly related to the surface condition of the material being welded.


Laser cleaning is the new generation of the laser technology family, and the U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine mainly uses the laser to clean off the primer coat and floating rust in the position of the U-rib to be welded, and the cleanliness reaches the highest international standard of rust removal, SA3, which facilitates the subsequent welding of the U-rib and the panel, and at the same time beautifies and enhances the service life of the bridge and ensures the welding quality.


Traditional cleaning processes with high pollution and low efficiency are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of market development and environmental protection. The fully automated cleaning process of the U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine requires only 1-2 people, saving time for separate cleaning before and after manual welding, saying goodbye to the history of manual grinding dust all over the place and significantly reducing labour costs.

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