High Performance LTCC Technology, New Application Of HGLASER Assisted 5g Communication


Traditional IC communication integration technology has many functional modules, complex plane structure, large space occupied by traditional PCB process and large volume of components, which can not meet the efficient integration of circuit components and equipment such as filters in 5g era.


The market urgently needs an electronic component integration mode that can carry passive components, with high integration, small volume and low quality.


 Can ceramics be as soft as paper?

There are many kinds of passive components (such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, filters, transformers, etc.) with huge consumption and different functions in electronic components. Their core material is ceramics.


The raw ceramic chip is made by tape casting and slicing. The required circuit graphics are prepared on the raw ceramic belt by using the processes of laser drilling, microporous grouting and precision conductor slurry printing, and multiple passive components are embedded in it to realize the design and packaging in the three-dimensional structure, which fundamentally improves the flexibility of chip design.


In the 1980s, in order to realize the multi-layer ceramic substrate technology, High temperature co-fired ceramic technology(HTCC) was applied to the computer industry. The ceramic package made of alumina insulating materials and conductor materials co-fired at 1600 ° C has a wide application prospect in high-power micro assembly circuits.


However, HTCC is only applicable to tungsten, molybdenum, manganese and other metal materials with high melting point. These materials have low conductivity and will cause defects such as signal delay, so it is not suitable for making substrates for high-speed or high-frequency micro assembly circuits. Low temperature co sintered ceramics (LTCC) technology becomes the optimal solution.


Great achievements in 5g Era

LTCC / HTCC has outstanding advantages in the field of passive integration and is widely used in 3C, communication, automobile, military industry and other markets.

Among them, in the field of 5g communication, LTCC / HTCC can be used for RF front-end modules (including filters, antenna switch duplexers, PA power amplifiers, Bluetooth, etc.) of mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones at the mobile communication end. It has a large market space and is the focus of industry research in recent two years.


LTCC / HTCC manufacturing technology needs to embed a variety of passive functional devices in the substrate. The quality of through holes on green chips directly affects the density of wiring and the quality of through hole metallization.

Laser drilling has high speed and is easy to form blind holes. It is the most ideal drilling method.


(HGLASER LTCC / HTCC high precision laser processing equipment lhs30pha)


Equipment advantages:

1.High precision: minimum aperture 30um

High focusing power, small aperture, no chip, high stability, small aperture

2.Fast speed: the drilling speed can reach 2000 holes / s

High speed and high precision linear motor, high drilling speed

Independent research and development: independent research and development of control software to realize large format correction and graphic splicing functions

3.Large format: 300 * 300mm

The equipment is small in size and large in processing format

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