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The First Show Of HGTECH's New ProductsBecame The Focus, And The Domestic




Xu Kemin, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Cao Guangjing, Vice Governor of Hubei Province, Wang Xiangwang, Secretary of the East Lake High-tech Zone Working Committee, and Liu Jie, Director of the East Lake High-tech Zone Management Committee, visited the HGTECH booth and learned about product applications and markets in detail prospect.




With the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" plan, laser technology has become an important tool to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry with its incomparable advantages. After the introduction of technologies such as automation and networking, laser manufacturing has also begun to transform into intelligent manufacturing. In recent years, HGTECH has continuously strengthened its independent innovation capabilities, developed high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and made laser "intelligent manufacturing" equipment deeply applied to all walks of life in the national economy.


The new generation of lasers is coming strongly.

A "big guy" at the exhibition attracted many people to stop and watch. This equipment is the first U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine in the bridge industry in China. The core components of the U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine are on display this time. It is about 18m long. Demonstrate the application of automatic conveying of U-ribs and laser cleaning stations. The core components of the cleaning machine are completely independently developed by HGTECH.



(U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine)


In order to improve the stiffness of the steel bridge deck, stiffeners are generally installed under the deck, among which U-shaped rib is the most common form of stiffener. Driving safety. The welding quality is not only related to the laser welding process, the type of welding material, etc., but also has a direct relationship with the surface state of the welded material. As a new generation of laser technology family, laser cleaning is coming strongly. The U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine mainly uses laser to clean the primer and rust on the U-rib to be welded. The cleanliness reaches SA3, the highest level of the international general rust removal standard, which is convenient for the subsequent welding of U-rib and panel. It can also improve the service life of bridges and become a "good helper" to ensure welding quality.




Laser intelligent manufacturing "hard core" debut, medical IVD industry shines

POCT (point-of-care testing) may sound unfamiliar to the general public, but in fact, we have already experienced such products in our lives, such as blood sugar testing for diabetics, alcohol testing for drivers, and early pregnancy testing in early pregnancy. As well as the 3-15-minute quick screening kits reported during the new crown epidemic, these are practical applications under the concept of POCT.


In order to help the development of the big health industry, HGTECH has launched intelligent manufacturing solutions for the medical industry, customized a number of mature high-precision automatic complete line systems, and provided strong support for the research and development and mass production of IVD (in vitro diagnosis)-POCT industry .


U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine

(U-rib automatic laser cleaning machine)


The core light source of lithography-ink/PVD removal equipment is independently manufactured, which can meet the needs of personalized customization and is compatible with the processing of various sizes of wearable products; LCB10C SMT double-head marking equipment automatic transmission system and industrial vision system can be accurately positioned to achieve fully automatic laser Code and read detection.


lithography-ink/PVD removal equipment

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