People's Daily: HGTECH's Young Team Injects Momentum into Laser Industry

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Breaking Through the Bottleneck Technology, This Team’s Average Age is 28


How long does it take to complete a giant metal painting of the Yellow Crane Tower, which is 5 meters wide, 4 meters high and only 2 millimeters thick?


In Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of HGTECH, laser cutting is adopted, and the time is not more than 10 minutes.


How long does it take to complete the New Energy Car Body-in-White Welding?


In Huagong Science and Technology, the laser processing equipment and laser automatic welding production line independently developed by them can only take 43 seconds at the fastest.


In the field of optoelectronic information industry, Optical Valley is unique. Behind each impressive "black technology" is the continuous innovation. The high power laser equipment software R&D team of HGTECH is such a team.


"In the whole software system, industrial software is a relatively small branch. It integrates software, machinery, automation and other multi-disciplinary knowledge, involves many subdivisions, and is difficult to develop. In particular, large-scale software with strong expertise needs rich software accumulation and equipment experience, has high barriers to entry, and it is difficult to recruit and cultivate professional talents." Jiang Wei, Manager of the High Power Laser Equipment Software R&D Department of HGTECH, said that previously, most of the company's equipment used imported industrial nesting software, which was expensive. When customers had new needs to modify the software, they needed to be authorized by the brand, which had a long cycle and slow response, and would also affect the development progress of the company's products, which really seemed to be stuck in the neck.


"We are aware that we must increase the rate of independence and reduce dependence on imports." With great attention from the company level, HGTECH has established a team to take charge of software research and development of high-power laser equipment.


90% of the 14-member team with the "strongest brain" graduated from "985" and "211" universities, with an average age of only 28. As the team leader, Jiang Wei, who was born in 1988, jokingly said, "I am the one who dragged me down."


At HGTECH the reporter met Xu Tianrui, a team member. At the age of 28, he speaks Mandarin with the accent of his hometown of Guangdong. He speaks with ease and passion when talking about professional content. After graduating from Tsinghua University with a master's degree, he first went to work in a technology company in his hometown and came to Optics Valley last year. After joining the team for more than one year, he took charge of the research and development of groove nesting software and nesting automation system.


Why choose Optical Valley for innovative employment? Xu Tianrui answered frankly: "I want to contribute to manufacturing in China." In Xu Tianrui's opinion, although the direction of industrial software is less popular and difficult, it is very important and needs people to overcome the "choke" problem. "Optical Valley is accelerating its development. I like the innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere here, which is full of vitality."


Yang Hang, also a team member born in 1994, graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a master's degree. After joining HGTECH last year, he participated in the three-dimensional five axis programming software project.


"We encountered many obstacles along the way. The first problem was the representation of parts in three-dimensional space. Everyone in the team had no relevant professional background and no experience in graphics development." Yang Hang said that in order to carry out the project smoothly, a group of people started to study graphics knowledge, and a group of people started to develop the overall framework of the program. They cooperated with each other and exchanged experiences to overcome the problems of 3D surface contour extraction, geometric feature recognition, cutting head space pose solution, and so on.


Nothing is difficult without going through it. In order to organically combine high-end industrial software with laser processing technology and equipment, team members communicated with customers and technicians over and over again, summarized possible strategies, simulated debugging repeatedly, modified code thousands of times, and finally achieved success.


Now, for plane laser cutting, groove laser cutting, three-dimensional five axis laser cutting and other equipment, the team has developed a series of programming software, which has successfully broken the foreign monopoly and firmly grasped the core technology in their own hands. "Compared with the imported software, the efficiency of our self-developed groove nesting software has increased by 15% and the cost has decreased by 90%." Xu Tianrui's tone was not without pride.


Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition


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