HGTECH Micro Holes Matching, making your phone keep quiet to a significant extent.

Image that you are in noisy surroundings and need to pick up an important phone call, The vendors always can cover you voice who use loudspeaker, it’s useless no matter how loud you yell under such a circumstance of awkwardness, anger and helplessness.How wish to seek a quiet place to finish the conversation!


Actually noise-reduction microphone can realize your wish.


Have you ever noticed the black micro holes designed at the camera nearby and edge of phone frame? That’s exactly noise-reduction microphone, assisting the primary one.They receive the different sound signal channel frequency,calculating the figure rate of sound wave,enhance useful signal, and reducing the background noise to make the sound more clearer


Laser is great demand for the new materials manufacturing in new generation.


There are two main ways for noise-reduction mobile microphone. One is to design the holes at the edge of phone’s frame,and its materials are mostly metal and porcelain, the diameter is around 1mm, the other is to design the holes at camera nearby, its material are mostly glass and sapphire.



The noise-reduction microphone looks very tiny, but the technological requirements of it are higher than what you imagine. With the increasing use of 5G mobile phones, consumers’ experience for productions becomes higher than before, the development of mobile phone trend to brittle materials. Machining of hard and brittle materials becomes the inevitable trend for phones’ cover glass enhancement, laser technologies and applications.


Widely applications


Actual productivity is up to 99%

Equipment works without man’s operation

Improve factories’ profits and working environments greatly

What amazing laser manufacturing it is! It is great choice you have ever had to choose us.


The mature and precise manufacturing is based on the theory of laser ablation technology. It is very difficult for machining of hard and brittle materials and making micro holes on them. How to use laser to overcome it?


Coordinating control by multiple parts: The cooperation is between beam expander group,galvanometer system and the focusing head, which obtains a micron-level beam, achieving the level density of high peak power instead of damaging the material to finish the job.


Laser ablation diagram


Laser “Cryogenic” process: short puzzle avoids the energy transfer, energy conversion, energy existence and thermal diffusion.

Technology process diagram: repetitive scanning, gasification material, step-wise separation


Laser ablation process sample

It is perfectly applied to perforating equipment for brittle materials


The perforating equipment for brittle materials launched by HGlaser which provides the leading cutting application solutions for the glass industry.


HGlaser perforating equipment for brittle materials


● High stability: 30W infrared picosecond laser is used, and having the orders of batch deliveries.

Wide application of materials: to meet the processing of more glass products and sapphire and other materials.

High processing efficiency: Double-head spectroscopy technology is used to process two products at the same time.


With the iteration of materials, laser equipment will get more opportunities with the influence of the strong drive of the market, the stringent requirements for the performance of brittle materials and the gradual decrease in the ability of traditional CNC processing.


Nowadays, people start their business and are using HGlaser perforating equipment for brittle materials. How about you? Do not be a know-nothing for regarding the micro holes of phone as camera.



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