HGlaser blaze a trail for food packaging

As an important part of commodities, product packaging protects food all the time. The safety of packaging materials and the correctness of information are directly related to food safety. Obviously, there are many problems in the current packaging industry: some manufacturers improvidently pursue novelty and good-looking, ignoring the quality of packaging materials; some personalized packaging design and production processes are complex and difficult to massively produce; and some unscrupulous manufacturers even tamper the date and other information on packaging , which seriously affected the reliability of the information. There are still many problems of this kind, and packaging design methods urgently need to be improved to let consumers feel free to buy .


The main processing equipment is ink jet printers and laser printers in the process of marking product packaging information in the food industry. Obviously, the widely used ink-jet printers cannot keep up with the development of this industry: the markings of ink-jet printers can be tampered with and erased and are easily worn out; ink-jet printers often block the nozzles, requiring professional maintenance; With the raising of people’s awareness of environmental protection , the requirements for ink safety and low pollution are getting higher; It is difficult for ink-jet printers to satisfy the demands of  high-efficiency one-item one-code marking for mass production line products. The emergence of laser coding has solved these problems and has been widely used in the industry.


Laser marking can evaporate the surface material of the package and expose the deep material to engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks and text. Laser marking can use high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or produce a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. The marking method process the qualities with high marking accuracy, high speed and clear, besides, it is pollution-free and can protect environment, and the entire marking information is portrayed on the product packaging, so it is difficult to tamper and counterfeit. Overall  laser coding is better than traditional coding methods.


HGlaser professional laser marking solutions can avoid the problems of erasure of information, serious environmental pollution,and easy shutdown of equipment in traditional ink-jet printers, meanwhile helping enterprises to establish system with efficient, high-quality and accurate marking effects . HGLaser is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China and a world-renowned provider of laser equipment and CNC precision plasma cutting equipment with reliable product quality. Many customers have spoken highly of its fiber laser marking machine, Flying series, CO2 laser online marking machine and other products,  high-quality after-sales service is also a guarantee for customers to rest assured.


Laser marking technology will become the guarantee example of high efficiency and high quality, which helps you solve more practical problems and build a first-class brand in the future technological development. The laser marking machine of HGlaser has won the good reputations from customers  due to the great features of clear laser marking, fast operation speed, high yield, and no pollution.

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