The technology of automatic edge patrol plays an important role in laser cutting machine application

The laser cutting machine relies on the CNC control system to control machine tool, and usually the laser cutting machine will manually straighten the sheet metal before cutting the sheet metal. For the operator, this is low efficient and laborious things.


Two major drawbacks of manual calibration:


Time waste: calibration is especially troublesome for operators, for unskilled operators, calibration will take a long time.


Much Effort:For large-format plates and thick plates, it may not be possible to do the calibration, because the plates are thick and heavy, and manual lifting tools (crowbars, cranes, etc.) cannot be used to achieve the parallel between long straight edges and the machine tool.


The automatic edge patrol technology uses capacitive sensors to measure distances and accurately find the end of the edge of the sheet. The CNC system automatically calculates the slope of the angle between the sheet and the machine axis and remembers it. The system will automatically adjust the XY axis of the machine while cutting.The slope of the plate is accurately rotated, and the cutting starting point can be easily determined according to the operator's needs.


Therefore, using automatic edge patrol technology can solve such a time waste and laborious problem! The  technology can find the edge of the board and the starting point of cutting in just a few seconds, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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