Hidden corner? Concave surface? The new 3D laser engraving machine is all done!

I wonder if you have ever experienced the crash of finding the serial number on the headset charging box? Dense strings, light gray printing, marking locations that can’t be found without careful searching...

This kind of content that can only be seen clearly when you incarnate in contemporary Leeuwenhoek.


How is the information printed in such a small location?


(Guess what is the correct answer ?)

A. Micro carving process         B. 3D laser marking technology           C. Ink jet printing           D. Craftsman


Three-dimensional laser marking technology can quickly print complex, clear and beautiful graphic patterns on three-dimensional free-form surfaces.


3D marking technology revealed

Through three-dimensional dynamic focusing and texture mapping technology, three-dimensional laser marking greatly reduces the requirements for the surface flatness of the processed object, and has a more colorful processing effect.

3D dynamic focus:

On the basis of the two-dimensional laser galvanometer system, the height characteristics of the processed point are increased to form a three-axis numerical control system to adjust the laser focus.

Texture mapping technology:

The adjusted plane texture shape is accurately "pasted" on the designated position of the product's three-dimensional surface to form a three-dimensional texture model without deformation/distortion.


The magical "tattoo" removal technique

However, if your understanding of 3D marking is to "tattoo" the curved surface, then it is out! With the development of 5G communication technology, "tattoo removal" is also one of the focuses of 3D laser marking technology.

3D laser engraving machine processing demonstration


More applications in the field of 3C and 5G↓

PVD removal of mobile phone frame, curved glass ink removal

Safety regulatory marking for earphones and earphone charging boxes

5G communication equipment surface coating removal


Upgrades, personalized processing

In order to better serve the development of 5G communication and 3C industry, HG Laser launched a new 3D laser engraving machine.

The newly upgraded machine improves the processing efficiency, meets the needs of individual processing, and gives the processing and production a rich display style.


[Broader angle, do whatever you want]

It adopts a five-axis machining platform, with self-developed three-dimensional special software and control system, with high motion accuracy, and realizes machining at any position of the workpiece.


[Precise processing, perfect execution]

Use the internal coaxial vision and optical system for integrated design, create vision software, customize QR code reading and rating functions, marking comparison and defect detection functions.


[Real-time feedback, clear at a glance]

Integrating two modules of attenuation and detection, adding power detection function without increasing the overall cost; self-made signal acquisition card, with small errors and fast response.


[Standard design, free combination]

Integrated laser, marking card, power module, standardized product design; integrated ultraviolet, optical fiber, CO2 laser, standardized chassis design. At the same time, the laser and control box can be taken out separately as a wiring product solution.


With the new 3D laser processing equipment, we can meet the processing requirements even in the hidden corners; the concave and convex surfaces are all without any problems!


New production needs drive new technical requirements. HGLaser leads industry applications and helps industry reform!

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