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Market |A Few Consumers Pleasure


Yiwu YKG Industrial Company is a leading company in China's tinplate easy-open lid and two-piece cans. Its customer base covers Budweiser, Tsingtao, Harbin Beer, Wanglaoji, Coke and other large beer and beverage companies.

For beverage manufacturers, maintaining continuous innovation and seizing the ever-changing consumer demand and changes in consumer groups in the market are the magic weapon for enterprises to win. With the change from the Internet to the Internet of Things, consumer needs are also escalating, from a single material satisfaction to a clear individualized demand characteristics. This is undoubtedly a test for enterprises, because consumers now want more than just delicious food. There is a great demand for “interesting”. How brands can make marketing activities “interesting” is another big problem for marketing in the new era.


In response to such problems, YKG tried to use the one-object-one-code technology to assign a uniquely identifiable QR code to each pull ring cover. When the tab is pulled up, the QR code covered by the front of the tab is exposed, which can be scanned by the mobile phone by consumers. Consumers can obtain virtual items such as red envelopes, points, prizes, etc. by scanning the QR code. This is conducive to the analysis of consumer behavior and accurate marketing resources to increase the desire to buy.




As an important direction of laser application, laser marking is a commonly used processing method in many fields. Its unique technology allows us to obtain more exquisite products. Laser marking will not produce additional ink media, and no pollution to the product. Moreover, the laser marking adopts non-contact processing, which directly reacts with the material. The printed mark is clear and delicate, and the durability is very good. There is basically no need to worry about falling off, abrasion and other issues.


Technology | Laser equipment realizes one thing, one code


YKG company decided to use a professional laser marking machine for code assignment. In order to ensure efficiency, YKG requires that the efficiency of the laser marking machine's punch can reach 750 punches per minute, and the readability of the two-dimensional code is above 99.9%. When YKG combined its own needs and comprehensively considered the advantages of the coding equipment, it found that the effect was not satisfactory: some companies imported equipment and the equipment prices were high, and some companies did not have mature software and QR code applications. The marking efficiency can only reach 550 to 600 strokes/min, which cannot meet the efficiency of high-speed production, and will affect the overall application of the punch. Some companies have poor strength...


YKG found the only supplier that provides a 100-watt 4-channel upper and lower combination laser coding solution- HGLaser after several twists and turns


The mature domestic cases of HG Laser include Baofeng, Shanghai Ziri, Crown, Boll, O.R.G., and COFCO Packaging, and they have received a large number of practical applications, and HG Laser can provide complete coding, identification, fixture, removal, Solutions such as smoke purification are currently unmatched in the industry and can truly realize turnkey projects.


In order to meet YKG’s demand for laser marking on pull-ring lids, HG Laser made a field survey on the production site and formulated a variety of solutions based on YKG’s QR code marking. It is recommended to use Flying series laser equipment on the beverage production line at high speed. For flying marking operations, a QR code is printed on the upper surface of the can under the tab. When the laser equipment cooperates with the high-speed punch for real-time marking and four-channel simultaneous printing, the time and speed of the two-dimensional code marking have reached the industry's cutting-edge standards, far exceeding the requirements of YKG.


Industry | Complete laser marking system solution


The QR code on the pull ring cover of the marking sample has not been damaged or fallen off after various tests, and there is no peculiar smell, which completely dispels the concern of the person in charge of YKG about the safety of marking! After testing, the reading rate of the QR code marked by the Flying series laser coding machine is as high as 99.9%. The person in charge of YKG was impressed and decided to start a long-term cooperation with HGLaser. Thus, the Flying series laser equipment started a new marking journey.


From commissioning and installation to trial operation, there has been no failure so far. HG Laser has provided YKG with supporting devices such as cover transportation, laser coding, detection and rejection, cloud platform data upload, etc., to achieve a complete ring-pull lid laser marking system The solution greatly improves production efficiency! The excellent performance of HG Laser Flying series laser equipment has doubled the confidence of customers and placed additional orders.

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