Can metal lamps be used like this? 370 pieces of laser-cut aluminum plates to create creative lamps

Metal laser cutting machines are used more and more widely in home decoration. In addition to our common metal furniture, metal screens, and metal railings, designers are also creative and use aluminum plates processed by metal laser cutting machines to create the round style lamps are completely different bar lamps.

This strip light is composed of 370 aluminum plates processed by a laser cutting machine and connected by brass pipes. It is one of the creative designs of a restaurant and is suspended above the bar. The integrated brass joist extends along the background wall of the bar, and the 30-foot-long original steel structure is fixed on the column, providing a display space for more than 100 bottles of sake and Japanese whiskey.

The strip lamps create a completely different lighting effect from the round lamps, which complements the furnishings in the restaurant. The broken walls in the building show the mark of history, and the modern design collides with the tradition to produce a unique sense of beauty.

In the interior design, the flexible processing characteristics of the fiber laser cutting machine provide more room for metal processing. Because of its lighter texture, aluminum panels are more widely used in decorative design than iron panels. Nowadays, most popular metal homes use aluminum panels as raw materials. The wood-grain appearance ensures beautiful appearance and avoids the problems of perishable and air pollution of traditional wooden furniture.

Most of the aluminum plates used in the decoration industry are thin plates, which are suitable for processing with fiber laser cutting machines, but aluminum plates also have problems such as high reflectivity. Pay attention to parameter settings and control the processing speed during use to avoid affecting the service life of fiber laser cutting machines. Huagong Laser MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine, equipped with fiber laser power 3000W-12000W, can meet the processing needs of different metal materials and different thicknesses in the industry.

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