Difference Between Laser Cutting Machine And CNC Punch?

At present, laser cutting technology has attracted much attention in the metal industry. Many manufacturers have bid farewell to the traditional CNC punch. The principle of laser processing is to irradiate the material surface through the high-energy beam generated by the laser, melting the metal material rapidly, and melt the material linearly by moving the beam to achieve the purpose of cutting.

laser cutting

CNC punch is a cutting equipment controlled by computer. Compared with traditional sawing equipment, CNC punch has a great improvement in cutting accuracy and has many advantages compared with cutting cost. However, when cutting, the CNC punch needs a mold to cut, which is reflected in the advantages of the laser cutting machine. It can cut without a mold and import a drawing.


The advantages of laser cutting mainly include:


1. It is applicable to the cutting and processing of sheet metal, such as punching, cutting and engraving. According to the laser power, laser cutting has great advantages for the plate cutting within 50mm.


2. When complex graphics need to be cut, only the corresponding drawings need to be drawn in advance and imported into the cutting system for cutting.


3. The precision error of laser cutting is low, usually within ± 0.1mm, non-contact processing and small material deformation.


4. The cost of consumables is low, only cutting nozzles and shielding gas are needed, and there is no need to replace expensive saw slices.


5. Overall environmental protection, with its own dust removal and smoke exhaust device during cutting, there is almost no pollution in the cutting process.


The above is the difference between laser cutting machine and CNC punch. I hope it will help you!

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