Marvel High Power Laser Cutting Machine Redefines the Standard of High Power Cutting

At present, the cutting requirements for metal products are more and more diversified and the technical requirements are higher and higher. The traditional cutting equipment has been difficult to meet people's increasing needs.


When you are still worried about the high cutting cost, bad cutting, poor cutting effect and unstable cutting, we have thought about what you think and worry about what you worry about. We have developed a new generation of high-power fiber laser cutting machine for you.


One machine is enough to solve the above problems. Marvel series high power fiber laser cutting machine, higher, more stable and better! It is one of the mainstream purchase models updated in the market.

Marvel series high power fiber laser cutting machine


1. Independent research and development of the core component laser cutting head


If the laser is the heart of the laser cutting machine, the laser cutting head is the hand of the laser cutting machine. With it, the laser cutting machine can make flowers on all kinds of metal materials and turn a piece of material into the component you need.


At first, the cutting head of laser cutting machine was also imported, which was a huge expenditure for laser manufacturers.


With the increasingly fierce competition in the laser cutting machine market, it is more and more difficult to win customers by assembling equipment. Independent research and development of core components such as laser and laser cutting head has become more and more urgent.


In line with the trend of the times, the marvel series CNC optical fiber laser cutting machine launched by Huagong Laser uses domestic core light source and independently developed cutting head.


It is a high-performance laser cutting product aimed at large-scale production, improving processing efficiency and reducing single product cost, and helps the localization process of laser cutting machine with practical actions.


2. Marvel high power laser cutting machine redefines the standard of high power cutting


The positioning accuracy is as high as 0.05mm. After the thick plate cutting, you can rest assured to give it to this high-power laser cutting machine.



With the increasing diversification of market demand, it is far from enough to promote the development of the industry towards high quality. China's laser manufacturing should pursue more sophisticated laser cutting equipment, help China's manufacturing industry and promote laser technology to enter the global market.


The future of the manufacturing industry is already a technical dispute. Only innovation can win the right to speak. Huagong Laser has always been on the road, innovation driven development and redefined high-power laser cutting equipment.


3. Thick plate cutting is easy, and the whole process is efficient and stable


New farley-a2300 operating system


Continuous production and stable quality;


Hg-tech professional process database.


Intelligent anti-collision system


Intelligent avoidance system in cutting machine processing;


It can ensure the reliability of production and minimize the risk of collision.


When cutting thick plates, the cutting machine can keep the wire smooth and stable, and the position remains unchanged in the whole process. At the same time, the intelligent anti-collision equipment can realize self-regulation and always keep the cutting focus in the optimal position.


With the above advantages, your problems related to thick plate cutting will be solved!


Huagong Laser will continue to create more value for users, continuously improve its independent R & D capability, and empower China's manufacturing industry to move towards the forefront of the world.


Marvel high power laser cutting machine is controlled by strict technology to ensure that the laser cutting machine can achieve high efficiency and stability in harsh environment. Improving product quality, serving users and empowering China's manufacturing industry is our constant pursuit.

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