Iphone13 Is on Sale! Understand the Laser Technology in the Field of Mobile Phone

On September 15, four models of iphone13 series were released at Apple's press conference. The starting price of iphone13 Mini is 5199 yuan; iPhone13   The starting price of Pro is 7999 yuan; iPhone13   Pro   Max starts at 8999 yuan; For comparison, the iPhone 13   The starting price of 128G is 5999 yuan; And last year the iPhone 12   The starting price of 64g version is 6299 yuan.


Apple's operation of increasing the volume and reducing the price is unprecedented. Many people call the price really fragrant!


laser cutting machine


At present, at least 70% of the links in the field of mobile phone manufacturing are applied to laser technology and laser equipment. In particular, the development of high-power and high-energy UV marking machine, deep UV and ultrafast laser processing technology in recent years has promoted the development of smart phone manufacturing technology.


At present, the laser processing methods commonly used in mobile phones in the market include laser marking, laser cutting, laser drilling and so on.


laser cutting machine


1. Subtle laser marking makes miniaturization of mobile phones possible


Laser marking technology plays an indispensable role in micro machining and anti-counterfeiting by printing various symbols, words, patterns, etc. with a very small light spot. The light spot size can be in the order of microns.


In the field of mobile phones, laser marking is mainly used for logo marks and text marks on the surface, as well as logos and text marks on internal electronic components and circuit boards.


In recent years, laser marking machine has been widely used by many processing enterprises because of its low price, fast processing speed and good marking quality, which is also one of the important reasons why iphone13 can benefit people more and more.


2. Laser cutting without mechanical injury meets the production requirements of comprehensive screen mobile phone


For the comprehensive screen shaped cutting on the market, the best processing method at present is to use laser cutting technology.


laser cutting machine
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Because laser cutting is non-contact processing, there is no mechanical force damage and high efficiency. At the same time, laser cutting focuses the laser on the material, locally heats the material until it exceeds the melting point, and then blows the molten material away with high-pressure gas.


With the movement of the beam and the material, it can form a very narrow slit with higher precision, which can better meet the manufacturing needs of comprehensive screen mobile phones.


3. High end laser drilling technology promotes the upgrading of mobile phone manufacturing technology


Laser drilling is a high-end application. Mobile phone manufacturers all require high speed, good quality and low cost. The laser focusing spot can focus on the order of one wavelength, concentrate high energy in a very small area, the minimum aperture can reach several microns, and the hole depth and aperture ratio can be greater than 50 microns, which is especially suitable for processing micro deep holes.


Laser drilling in mobile phone applications can be used for PCB drilling, shell earpiece and antenna drilling, headset drilling, etc. it has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, small deformation, wide application range and so on.


The mobile phone focuses on more than 200 parts in a palm sized place, and its manufacturing technology is one of the more difficult manufacturing technologies at present.


It can be seen that laser technology plays an important role in mobile phone production. Laser affects our life in places we can't see. The development of laser technology is the best of both worlds for manufacturers and customers.




As a leading laser equipment manufacturer in China, HGLASER has always been technology-oriented since its establishment, with the front-line needs of users as the innovation direction, and promoted the engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, electronic equipment and other industries to change the processing mode and upgrade precision manufacturing.


This is not only the proposition of the times, but also the value and significance of HGLASER!

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