In the New Era of Low Carbon, Laser Cutting Technology Helps the Lightweight Development of the Automotive Industry!

At present, with the adjustment of energy structure and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the automobile industry is developing towards lightweight. Some data show that the fuel consumption decreases by about 3% ~ 5% for every 10% decrease in automobile quality.


Automobile lightweight can not only effectively reduce energy consumption and increase automobile use function, but also reduce production cost and improve automobile quality.


laser cutting machine

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Aiming at the goal of automobile lightweight development, HGLASER has introduced GF series laser cutting machine suitable for modern automobile production, with a cutting thickness range of 1MM-30MM, which can well meet the needs of automobile lightweight. At the same time, its core light source is independently manufactured and purchased, which greatly reduces the cost!


1. Reduce cost and increase efficiency, and focus on independent manufacturing


In view of the increasingly fierce laser market and focusing on the automobile manufacturing industry, we focus on independent manufacturing, strive to reduce costs and bring real cost reduction and efficiency benefits to customers.


The core light source of GF series laser cutting machine is manufactured and purchased independently, and the cost is reduced by about 20% - 30%. It can not only help the automobile manufacturing industry get rid of the quagmire of peer level price, but also help the brand premium, lead the enterprise to go farther and farther on the road of sustainable development, and continue to move towards high-end to effectively solve the needs of customers.


2. CPYCUT programming software becomes the key to victory


"In the past, we used to make five cars a day, but now the speed has increased by half, up to about ten cars a day." said an engineer. The double speed of speed can be achieved by cpycut programming software and man-machine cooperation. In the past, the workload of three to four people can be completed by one person, balancing efficiency and care.


laser cutting machine

If you want to do good work, you must first use your tools. After years of exploration by Huagong laser, we choose to use CPYCUT programming software and man-machine collaborative operation, which is the first choice in the intelligent era. The most intuitive return is the significant improvement of product quality and product production efficiency.


3. Be an industry leader in the automotive segment


With ultra-high market sensitivity, solid product quality and leading technical advantages, GF series laser cutting machines will always remain the leader of domestic laser brands in the future.


As the saying goes, as long as the products are well done, the market is unlimited. As long as there is good market feedback and good brand image, we will be more confident to seize more market share of the automobile manufacturing industry in the future.


Our future goal is to become the primary choice of the automobile manufacturing industry and the leader of the automobile segment market.

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