How to Protect The Laser Cutting Machine from Moisture

China has a vast territory, a wide latitude, a large distance from the sea, different terrain levels, various terrain types and mountain trends, so the combination of temperature and precipitation is diverse, forming a variety of climates.


In the southern region, when the temperature rises, the air humidity rises, and the walls and ground will be "dripping" and wet everywhere. In this case, if the moisture-proof protection of laser cutting machine and other equipment is neglected, it may lead to problems such as laser alarm, industrial control computer unable to start, equipment computer black screen, switch trip and so on, affecting the production efficiency.


Next, HGLASER will show you how to do a good job in the moisture-proof maintenance of the laser cutting machine.


1. Dehumidification

1) Activated carbon

Activated carbon has many uses, such as purifying air, filtering impurities, and being a good dehumidifier. The use of activated carbon moisture-proof agent can reduce the ambient humidity of the workshop, so as to reduce the probability of failure caused by humidity.

2) Windows closed in rainy days and breathable in sunny days

When it rains or the weather is cloudy, it is recommended not to open the window (especially the window facing south) to prevent the hot and humid air from entering the house. When the weather is sunny, you can selectively (open windows facing other directions) open windows for ventilation to reduce indoor humidity.


3) Quick lime dehumidification

Some materials show that 1 kg quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air and effectively absorb moisture. If the room is wet and the ground condenses, quicklime can also be put into cloth bags and placed at each corner of the workshop to achieve the effect of rapid moisture removal and drying.


4) Air conditioning dehumidification

In humid climate, the dehumidification effect of air conditioning is very obvious. Turn on the air conditioner, turn on the dehumidification function, and then operate the air conditioner normally. In this state, the air conditioner is equivalent to a dryer, which can reduce the indoor ambient humidity and ensure that the indoor air humidity will not be too large, which is very conducive to the stable operation of the equipment.


5) Clean the dust in the electrical cabinet

Dust and dust itself are easy to absorb moisture in the air. Regular dust removal for the electrical cabinet can also effectively reduce the environmental humidity of the cabinet.


2. If water vapor appears outside the electric cabinet, do not start the machine immediately

In case of water vapor on the outside of the electric cabinet, wipe the water vapor on the outside of the electric cabinet first, turn on the air conditioner (turn on the dehumidification function) for half an hour, and then turn on the power supply of the equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.


3. Regular inspection

Regularly check the drainage of air compressor, filter element, cold dryer and other components. Avoid the risk of contamination of cutting head lens and machine tool gas pipeline due to failure of air compressor drainage function.


In wet weather, please pay special attention to anti-static and lightning protection. Staff must not wear slippers and must always check whether the ground wire is grounded.

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