What is Coil Blanking Laser Cutting Equipment

Plate is indispensable and widely used in today's industrial production and manufacturing. In order to facilitate storage and transportation, plate parts are generally rolled.


The traditional plate processing method is first uncoiled and leveled by the uncoiler, then sent to the plate shear to cut into a certain length of plate, and finally manually transported and loaded to the laser cutting machine for cutting and blanking.


If the coil cutting equipment and production line are used, the plate cutting process can be omitted. After uncoiling and leveling, the material can be cut and cut automatically, and all processes are completed on one equipment. The whole process machine operation can reduce manual participation.


1. What is coil laser cutting equipment

Coil laser cutting equipment is mainly composed of CAD / CAM programming system, automatic uncoiling, leveling system, servo automatic feeding and laser cutting system. It can produce automatically, greatly improve production power, reduce manual burden and reduce cost. It has the characteristics of high power, high precision and convenient operation.


2. Advantages of HGLASER coil laser cutting equipment

1) Continuous cutting production, high equipment utilization. After uncoiling and leveling, the coil is sent to the upper part of the rotating worktable of the laser cutting machine for cutting by the feeder. With the movement of the worktable, the process of cutting while feeding can be realized, the cutting time of parts can be effectively shortened, and the application efficiency of the equipment is improved;


2) Production is flexible. It can respond to the demand of production change at any time. When the required parts change, it can modify the two-dimensional graphics through the programming software to cut the required parts. It does not need the change of equipment hardware structure, and has the flexibility of making different products;


3) It has the function of active typesetting to reduce the occurrence of excess waste. The cutting host system itself has the function of active typesetting. It can be mixed at any time according to the spare parts required temporarily. The required parts are imitated and actively arranged on the computer to effectively reduce the occurrence of waste and reduce the production cost as much as possible;


4. Low processing cost. The production process is automatic production, which can save 2 labor, 14% material and 30% efficiency, saving both money and time.


3. Technical characteristics of coil laser cutting equipment

1) The CNC laser cutting machine adopts a professional system to control the motor synchronization. The working table of the cutting machine is a crawler cutting table, which is equipped with needle plate cutting strips. During processing, the cutting table is synchronized with the uncoiling servo feeding and runs at the same speed to realize the coiling plate cutting. It is applicable to the processing of metal coil within 3mm. The repeated positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.03mm and the positioning accuracy is within ± 0.05mm/m.


2) The body of NC laser cutting machine adopts steel plate welding structure and is tempered at high temperature to completely eliminate welding stress. During machining, the CNC gantry milling machine is used to process the guide rail and rack device surface on both sides of the machine body at one time, so as to ensure the consistency of the accuracy of the guide rail and rack device surface on both sides of the machine frame.


3) The correction wheel of the leveling machine is made of bearing steel, and the surface is thickened and electroplated, which is durable and wear-resistant. The operation is simple and convenient. All correction wheels are driven by gears and equipped with backup pressure wheels to effectively enhance the rigidity of correction wheels and improve the correction quality.


4. Application of coil laser cutting equipment

Coil laser cutting, a multi-functional integrated and highly automated production solution, is especially suitable for industries requiring mass processing of multiple varieties and large-size metal sheets, such as kitchenware, HVAC, lamps, metal doors, cabinets, etc. It has excellent improvement in saving data and labor costs, improving production power per unit time and expanding business scope.

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