Starry Night Rush to Help, Strong Guard - HGLASER After-sales Service Story

HGLASER is on-line 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere! "OK, right away!" a simple response spans the difficult time of the national war and epidemic, and accompanies every anxious moment on the road of struggle. This is the adherence of HGLASER to users.


Those scattered micro stories record every attentive moment of Chinese laser technicians!


1. Rush to the front line to relieve customers' worries


A sudden epidemic in 2020 disrupted the normal pace of life of the Chinese nation and brought a severe and profound test to all Chinese people. The epidemic situation is ruthless and affectionate. In the face of the test, HGLASER chose "retrograde" and took the initiative to rush to the front line and travel to the customer's company to solve problems for customers.


  laser cutting machine after-sales service


After knowing the policy of leaving the city from Wuhan with nucleic acid detection and resumption certificate, they got the relevant policy information of leaving the city at the first time and went to the customer's site.


They learned that customers need to realize the rapid marking of products on the inclined plane, but the laser head was horizontal at that time, and the inkjet printer was in the state of vertical marking. According to previous experience, this is difficult and a thorny problem.


There is no solution that can be directly applied to this problem. What they thought at that time was to debug the equipment bit by bit according to the customer's needs, and then further solve the problem if it is found in the debugging process.


It is gratifying that their patience and repeated debugging finally achieved the desired results, proved the professionalism and strength of HGLASER, and the customer safely signed a formal purchase contract.


2. Seize the day, customer first


Full of blisters and dust, they never say bitter; Hot and muggy, heavy tasks, they never shout tired; It was their day and night hard work and all-round service that won the high recognition of customers.


 laser cutting machine after-sales service


The upgrading and transformation of Beijing Sany project has entered the final stage. Recalling the work experience in recent months, the members of the project ***m are still filled with emotion.


Zhao Zhenyu, the project manager, said that "although the conditions are difficult and the process is tortuous, we have overcome various difficulties with the strength of seizing the day and perseverance, so that the project can be promoted smoothly".


At the end of May, Beijing Sany piling machine equipment transformation and networking project was officially launched. The project ***m needed to complete the relocation, transformation and system upgrading of 2 plasma and 3 laser cutting equipment, but the impact of the epidemic had not dissipated at that time, the company was short of manpower, and the early relocation and transformation work could only be completed by four people on site.


The most difficult process is the removal and handling of the ground rail. During equipment installation, a base adjustment anchor is set at the bottom of the ground rail base, and the height difference of the ground rail bases on both sides is adjusted through the base adjustment anchor. However, we have suffered a lot in the process of removing the anchor.


Due to the problem of the customer's site engineering layout, vehicles and forklifts can not be used for the handling of equipment weighing hundreds of kilograms.


Without tools, we can only use trolleys or manual handling. Although the distance between the old and new plants is only 100 meters, it is very difficult for them to "move forward with load". They have to turn back more than 20 times a day.


Under the difficult conditions of repeated epidemic and unbearable high temperature, they are not afraid of difficulties, actively cooperate with customer needs, solve problems for customers, and practice the value concept of "customer-centered" with practical actions.


3. Outstanding encirclement and high-quality delivery


The fierce competition of industrial software is the competition of delivery quality in a sense. In the face of fierce competition from various industrial software suppliers, can HGLASER's industrial software remain invincible in the competition? We have the confidence to say, "yes".


Taking customers as the center, HGLASER continuously improves the product delivery quality, comprehensively improves the delivery efficiency and professional level, and realizes a new leap in the competition.


With tight encirclement and high-quality delivery, HGLASER will be able to obtain more tickets for industrial software and establish industry reputation, so as to consolidate the innovative road of HGLASER from intelligent manufacturing entity to intelligent manufacturing industrial interconnection.


For HGLASER, every user is a responsibility on our shoulders! In 2021, we sorted out our minds, focused on the market and quality, highlighted the encirclement, and delivered with high quality, so as to create a higher honor for manufacturing.

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