UV laser coders for PET/HDPE Dairy Containers laser coding

Dairy packs UV laser coding machine is often used to print clean and clear product codes in low-temperature dairy production environments. It could also help dairy producers extend uptime, reduce maintenance requirements, and improve readability. The Dairy packs UV laser coding machine solution can fully meet the mass production requirements for More Accurate, Clear & Crisp, Durable product coding.


Compared with inkjet coding, The durability and readability of Lasered Codes would be much more higher: 



This is a inkjeted PET Cap that we can usually find in any supermarket when we do everyday shopping, You can see the codes there are already blurred, make it harder for customers to read and select. Probably because of water mist or the bottles rub against each other during transportation, This will lead to a higher risk of complaints, do harm to the company image. 


Check out what other dairy company do with laser coders.



Above samples are from our client coded by HGlaser UV laser coders, Coding effect in Black, clear and Crisp, easy to read while unable to remove no matter rubbing or immersed by water. Brings Customer high-end shopping experience and avoid complaints caused by blurred expiry. What's more, Laser coders could also support to mark on top, side and inside of the PET caps too. 




HGLaser provides Packaging laser online coding machine for food packaging permanent laser coding without need of ink and solvent, It is a Trendy that food & beverage companies from all over the world have now choosing laser coding machines ins***d of CIJ/TIJ inkjets to code those Manufacturer info and MFG/BB codes for a very long time. Codes that been coded by laser has many advantaes compared with the previous old fashioned inkjets.


Speaking from the working principle of laser coding, it is an non-contact heating coding way that using highly concentrated & programmed laser beam to react with the material surface directly to realize color change so that we could read. So the most obvious advantages of online laser coding is, the codes are permanent, unable to be removed or modified. Compared with inkjets coding, codes are easy to be erased by solvent after the BB is expired.


In this case, Laser coding could helps to pretect company fame from those Illegal peddlers. Except coding expriy date, there are many more extended applications like to code QR code on package for marketing activities, or to code UIDs on each product for Tracking and Traceability....etc. 


The other advantage of laser coding is, high cost efficiency, low cost and maintenance free. It is a Physical heating process without filling inks at all, no worries about dry ink block the nozzle and cause unexpected production stop. No need Mix with Solvent, save the solvent costs while more environmentally friendly. Meanwhile support high speed laser coding too.

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