What Should We Notice When Cutting Aluminum With Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting aluminum has always been a difficult problem for optical fiber laser cutting machine, mainly because aluminum is a high reflection material and has low absorption rate of laser. At the same time, aluminum is widely used in the market, which makes us to think about how to solve the problem of laser cutting aluminum. What aspects should we pay attention to in the process of cutting aluminum?

laser cutting

1. Blacken the surface of aluminum, which can effectively reduce the reflection degree of aluminum plate and then cut;


2. It is necessary to focus on controlling the process in the processing process, because aluminum material is not resistant to high temperature, its cutting process is difficult to grasp compared with ordinary metal materials, and burrs are easy to appear in the process of cutting aluminum materials;


3. The laser cutting speed also needs to be controlled. Too fast cutting is easy to produce burrs. Too slow cutting speed will cause cracks in aluminum materials, which will affect the cutting quality;


4. It is recommended to use nitrogen when cutting aluminum plate with aluminum laser cutting machine, because aluminum has special color and in order to ensure uniform color of cutting products, nitrogen can well prevent oxidation and retain the characteristics of the material itself. Nitrogen is a better choice;


5. Cut aluminum materials with thickness of 3000W and less than 8mm, aluminum materials with thickness of 6000W and less than 16mm, and aluminum materials with thickness of 10000w and less than 20mm.


In general, the optical fiber laser cutting machine can cut aluminum. It is necessary to patiently debug the processing technology and pay attention to the cutting speed at the same time. After reading the precautions of these aluminum laser cutting machines, I believe everyone can use them correctly.

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