How to Prolong The Service Life of The Laser Cutting Machine

In daily production, no matter what industry, as long as machinery and equipment can be used, aging will occur in long-time operation, and even frequent failures will occur. As a high-tech product, laser cutting machine is no exception.

Among the components of the laser cutting machine, the laser is easy to age and damage. There are roughly two reasons for the reduction of the power of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, in daily use, both operators and laser cutting customization manufacturers should pay attention to how to slow down the aging of the laser cutting machine? Below, the laser cutting manufacturer will tell you how to prolong the service life of the laser cutting machine.


Firstly, the external optical path of the laser generator needs to be checked and maintained regularly. The power of laser cutting machine will decrease after continuous use for a period of time. When the power decreases and affects production, the laser and external optical path should be maintained. When the maintenance is completed, the cutting capacity will return to the factory level.


Secondly, the environment and conditions of the production site have a great impact on the power of the laser cutting machine. For example, the quality of compressed air, dust on the production site, etc. some manufacturers even put the painting operation near the optical fiber laser cutting machine, which will lead to the decline of the cutting quality and cutting capacity of the laser cutting machine.


So how to remedy the above problems?


1. Clean the dust and sundries in the laser cutting machine regularly and try to clean them every five days.

2. Check the steel belt once a week for tension. Avoid accidental injury to operators due to faults.

3. Regularly clean all guide rails, dust and other sundries to make the laser cutting machine operate normally.
4. Wipe the rack frequently and add lubricating oil regularly without sundries. Reduce rack wear.

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