Laser Cutting Technology Helping The Industrial Upgrading of Agricultural Machinery Industry

As soon as the Spring Festival is over, it is the sowing season again. When it comes to farming, what comes is the scene of facing the Loess and facing the sky. The whole family, old and young, went to battle together and bent down to do farm work in the scorching sun. Such scenes are gradually leaving us.

laser cutting

Nowadays, agricultural mechanization is changing the development mode of agriculture. Traditional manual agricultural tools such as hoes, sickles, shovels and threshers are replaced by agricultural machinery and equipment such as harvesters, planters and agricultural UAVs, freeing people from heavy and inefficient agricultural manual labor, and two or three people can manage thousands of mu of agricultural land.

Large farm operation quietly replaces the small-scale peasant economy, followed by the rising demand for all kinds of agricultural machinery and equipment. Therefore, the demand of agricultural machinery enterprises for modern agricultural equipment manufacturing technology has become more urgent. As an advanced production and processing tool, laser cutting machine has become a powerful assistant for agricultural machinery manufacturing to modernization.

1. Sheet metal processing of agricultural machinery equipment

All kinds of sheet metal products and components are often used in agricultural machinery manufacturing.

If traditional processing methods such as cutting, stamping and bending are used to produce sheet metal parts, it is inevitable to face problems such as high production cost, low production efficiency, rough product appearance, unstable mechanical parts, long product cycle and short product life. The manufacturing level of agricultural machinery and equipment is bound to be greatly reduced.


With the advantages of high machining precision, high efficiency, no mold opening and high flexibility, laser cutting technology not only greatly saves the production cost, but also fully meets the high-quality manufacturing requirements of agricultural machinery.


As a sharp tool for cutting metal plates in the agricultural machinery industry, the optical fiber laser cutting machine can realize the rapid cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The production efficiency and precision of agricultural machinery parts are rising, and the service life of agricultural machinery equipment is prolonged.


2. Pipe processing of agricultural machinery equipment


When using the automatic optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine to cut the pipe parts of agricultural machinery, we can directly experience many advantages.


Automatic section identification system, automatic whole bundle feeding function, automatic sorting system of finished pipe fittings, automatic tube sheet length measurement system...Fully armed full-automatic optical fiber laser tube cutting machine can easily deal with Chinese tubes, round tubes, elliptical tubes, rectangular tubes, angle steels and channel steels of agricultural machinery equipment; Rapid processing of straight cutting, oblique cutting, opening and hollowing out.


In addition, the precision of the parts cut by the laser pipe cutting machine is high, which can far meet the manufacturing requirements of agricultural machinery.


3. Processing of three-dimensional parts of agricultural machinery and equipment


The three-dimensional robot optical fiber laser cutting machine can be used for mass and high-quality three-dimensional cutting of body sheet metal panels of agricultural machinery vehicles.


The three-dimensional robot fiber laser cutting machine effectively replaces the traditional processing methods such as manual plasma cutting, punching die and trimming die, and does not need subsequent process treatment, which is greatly conducive to the automatic welding of subsequent three-dimensional parts, thus greatly improving the level of automation equipment and market adaptability of agricultural machinery enterprises.


With the rotation of the sun and the moon and the renewal of everything, China has developed into the world's largest agricultural machinery producer and user. In the modern development of agricultural machinery and equipment in China, in addition to a large amount of R & D investment, more efficient and reliable laser processing application is also the key.


Laser is the "fastest knife" and "most accurate ruler". Laser processing equipment has effectively helped agricultural machinery enterprises make profits, provided continuous processing power for agricultural machinery equipment, and helped the agricultural machinery industry develop towards diversification and high-end.

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