The Workflow of Laser Cutting Machine

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of industrial technology, laser cutting machines are also used in many processing plants, but safety needs to be paid attention to in operation. Without a set of operation safety specifications in the eyes of many people, it is easy to have accidents. Then, how can laser cutting machines be operated correctly?




1. Before starting up every day

1) Check whether the water temperature of laser and chiller is normal;

2) Check whether the gas pressure meets the requirements;

3) The exhaust fan, cold dryer and circulating cold water cannot work normally;

4) If there is any pollution in the focusing lens, it is necessary to take out the lens for observation, run for about half an hour, touch whether the temperature of the focusing lens shell is normal by hand, and then start the equipment for operation.




2. At work

1Start the equipment according to the startup sequence to ensure that electrical components will not be burned out

2Turn on the power switch. Do not touch water to avoid electric shock

3When opening the liquid gas, do not face the exhaust port with your face to avoid frostbite. Wear antifreeze gloves during operation, and do not smoke in the workshop to avoid fire

4Confirm the type, thickness and size of materials before cutting

5Input the data and adjust the cutting parameters, conduct the simulation cutting program first, and then execute the cutting if there is no problem

6Close the anti radiation door of the machine tool before equipment operation

7Strictly observe and wear anti radiation glasses before operating the laser

8Do not look directly at the cutting spark with the naked eye to avoid stabbing the glasses


9Non professional personnel cannot open the laser shell to prevent electric shock

10The operator cannot leave the console while the machine is running

11If the parts rotate during operation, it is necessary to suspend the program. When dealing with the fault, no other person can enter the operation area to operate the machine.


Each kind of production operation requires its own safety operation specifications. Platinum shield processing plant has strict requirements for the operation steps and processes of laser cutting machines. Only by operating in strict accordance with the specifications can it work safely and protect itself from injury.

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