Causes And Detection Methods Of Electric Leakage Of Laser Cutting Machine

As we all know, many machines have leakage problems. The slight tingling voltage is below 100V and the strong tingling voltage is about 150V. So, do you know the causes of leakage of laser cutting machine and the specific detection methods? Today, laser king will give you a detailed introduction.


laser cutting

1. Cause of electricity leakage

1) The power supply of the laser is broken (short circuit).

2) The line may be leaking.

3) If it is a new switch or equipment, the power may not be matched.


2. Detection method

1) In order to prevent electric leakage, the operator should communicate with the electrician to avoid the load of excessive power on the same circuit of the desktop CNC cutting machine. At ordinary times, more power supplies and lines should be used to see whether the power supply is well grounded, whether the line is broken, whether the laying position of the wire is reasonable, whether it will be pressed by other heavy objects to cause skin damage, etc.

2) Check whether the contact between the power supply and the desktop CNC cutting machine is good, whether the motor works normally, whether the cutting torch wire is intact, and whether the plasma power supply cover is covered. When replacing components or repairing, disconnect the power supply for about 5 minutes, and let the capacitor discharge for subsequent work.

3) Full time operators shall keep their clothes dry and desktop CNC cutting machine dry. If working in wet areas, workers shall wear insulating gloves and insulating boots and do not carry inflammables with them.

The above content is the detailed introduction of the causes and detection methods of the leakage of the laser cutting machine. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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