Advantages Of High-Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is currently a relatively common processing equipment in metal processing. From the perspective of market competition and users' practical application, high-power fiber laser cutting machine is the general trend. In the first few years of fiber laser cutting machines, the market was mainly occupied by low-power machines like 500W, 750W, and 1000W, and then gradually replaced by 3000W and 6000W. Until now, 12000W, 15000W, and 20000W have become standard equipment for large metal processing. Why can high-power laser cutting machines gradually replace the original low/medium power machines? What are its advantages?


The increase of the ultimate cutting thickness of the plate:

Current high-power laser cutting machines can cut carbon steel plates up to 80mm thick and stainless steel plates up to 100mm thick. The above data are all 20000W power cutting data. With the continuous upgrading of laser cutting technology, the plate cutting thickness will continue to increase. Compared with low and medium power, 6000W power can cut carbon steel with a thickness of 25mm and stainless steel with a thickness of 20mm. The ultimate cutting thickness is greatly increased.


The speed of sheet metal processing is increased by multiples:

In the actual application of fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting speed of different materials is the key factor for selection. The fiber laser cutting machine has significant advantages in the processing of medium and low thickness plates. The increase in cutting speed directly brings about the improvement of economic benefits. Taking the current common 12000W vs. 6000W as an example, the same is cutting 16mm stainless steel plates. The 6000W power cutting speed is only 0.6m/min, and the 12000W cutting speed can reach 2.4m/min. In comparison, the production efficiency can be improved in the same time. About 3 times, this kind of manifestation will become more and more obvious in thick plate cutting.


The cutting process is more diversified and developed:

The increase in the power of the fiber laser cutting machine brings about the increase in the thickness of the sheet and the increase in the cutting speed. With the increase of laser power, there can be new tricks in the laser cutting process. For example, high-speed bright surface cutting technology uses a combination of small nozzles, small air pressure and high power to adjust related parameters to obtain workpieces with a smooth section and a smaller taper. These products with better accuracy can better meet the needs of customers. It is precisely with this demand that the market for high-power fiber laser cutting machines has slowly opened up.

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