Tips For Cutting Aluminum With Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

China's manufacturing industry is very developed. In recent years, the efficiency problem of metal processing has been gradually solved by fiber laser cutting machines. Common metals are mainly stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum plates. Up to now, both stainless steel and carbon steel can be cut easily. The cutting of aluminum, which is a high-reflective material, has always been a cutting problem for fiber laser cutting machines. The high-reflective material has a low absorption rate to the laser, whereras aluminum is the staple in market, which makes us think how to cut aluminum with a fiber laser cutting machine.


1. If the subsequent appearance of the aluminum material is not considered, the surface of the aluminum material can be painted black, which can effectively reduce the reflectivity of the aluminum material to the laser, so that the aluminum material can be cut more easily.


2. In the case of economic permitting, a larger laser can be replaced. Common aluminum materials have a light reflectivity of about 70%. 3000W power can cut 8mm aluminum materials,and 6000W power can cut 16mm aluminum materials. Choose a laser cutting machine with higher power according to the thickness to be cut, which can better cut aluminum.


3. The cutting process can be adjusted to better cut aluminum. The aluminum itself is not resistant to high temperatures, and burrs will occur once the cutting residence time is improper. By adjusting the cutting focus, speed, output power, air pressure and other parameters, aluminum can be cut better.


4. Choose a suitable auxiliary gas. Because of the special color of aluminum and to ensure the uniform color of the cut product, nitrogen can prevent oxidation and retain the characteristics of the material itself. Nitrogen is a better choice.


In general, it is not difficult for laser cutting machines to cut aluminum. Many manufacturers on the market have developed cutting heads with anti-reflective materials, which can effectively reduce the damage of reflection to the lens.


As long as the processing technology is patiently adjusted and the cutting speed is paid attention to, the aluminum can be cut easily. The tips for cutting aluminum with fiber laser cutting machine are introduced here, and I hope they will be helpful to everyone.

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