The Advantages Of The Zero Tailing Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

At present, the laser cutting technology is very mature. It has already developed from the original plane cutting to the current three-dimensional cutting. The cutting of metal pipes is also a kind of three-dimensional cutting. In the process of metal pipe processing, the amount of tailings has always been a headache for most bosses. More tailings means less profit. This article mainly explains the advantages of the zero tailing laser pipe cutting machine.



At present, the cutting tails of conventional laser pipe cutting machines on the market are usually between 400mm-600mm, which is equivalent to a direct reduction of 10% for a standard six-meter pipe. These are non-existent for the zero-tailing laser pipe cutting machine. In theory, the length that can be cut will achieve zero-tailing cutting, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the pipe.


The zero-tail laser pipe cutting machine can carry out three chucks together to assist the clamping, and has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high processing accuracy, and high material utilization. The cutting efficiency is equivalent to 2-3 times that of traditional sawing or plasma cutting. Saw cutting will cause deformation of the pipe cut, which has slight unevenness, large consumption of consumables, and troublesome maintenance; plasma cutting has a large thermal effect, and the nozzle is prone to a large amount of deformation, and the accuracy is rougher than that of laser cutting.


The zero tailing laser pipe cutting machine is suitable for cutting metal square pipes, round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, waist pipes, D-shaped pipes, hexagonal pipes and other special-shaped pipes. It supports pipe cutting, hole cutting, bevel cutting, Hollowing, cutting shapes, etc. Our T series tube laser cutting machine is a professional equipment for cutting metal tubes. The standard power of the equipment supports 1500-6000W, the processing bed stroke is 6-12 meters, the pipe diameter is 20-350mm, and the wall thickness is 0-25mm. Automatic loading and unloading device can be selected according to specific cutting needs to meet various cutting needs. Equipped with a professional operating system, it can simplify the programming and nesting process, and the operation is simple and convenient.


The applicable industry fields of the zero-tail laser pipe cutting machine, equipment industry: sports fitness equipment, clothing props display racks, medical equipment; vehicle aviation: passenger car manufacturing, high-speed rail and subway accessories, aerospace industry, etc.; building materials, furniture, kitchen and bathroom: Steel furniture, doors, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, etc.



HGTECH Laser keeps up with the forefront of the times. The equipment is suitable for cutting pipes and profiles in various industries. It has high processing accuracy, smooth cutting ports and fast speed. It is widely used in the processing of metal pipes in China and provides customers with a complete set of fully automated pipe processing equipment. Improve the automation level of laser equipment, insist on service first, and provide customers with a series of cutting solutions for profiles.


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