Laser welding machine helps fast production of tailor-made aluminum alloy

In the application of modern engineering technology to metal materials, aluminum and aluminum alloys occupy a pivotal position, ranking second in the world's annual output after steel, and ranking first in the use of non-ferrous metals. Aluminum alloy materials have emerged in the aviation industry. In recent decades, in addition to the aviation industry, aluminum and aluminum alloys have been widely used in automobiles, ships, decorations and home furnishings.



Metal materials are basically used for welding during use, and aluminum alloy materials are no exception. Aluminum alloy has certain requirements on welding methods due to its high strength and light weight. The previous welding methods are mostly argon arc welding and Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. The most widely used welding technique is argon arc welding, but with the continuous development of industrial demand, traditional argon arc welding can no longer meet the increasing processing needs of users in some areas.



Traditional argon arc welding is difficult to use and requires mature technicians to perform perfect welding. However, due to the slow welding speed, ozone will be generated during welding, which will cause certain damage to the human body. Moreover, the welding heat-affected zone is large, which is easy to cause deformation of the product, and the quality of the welding seam is difficult to guarantee. It is a test of the welding operator's technology, and the overall disadvantages have caused many constraints in the development of the industry.



Laser welding has the advantages of fast welding speed, high processing efficiency, no manual wire filling, low welding cost, small material deformation, good weld quality, and can effectively reduce the grinding process.




The welding seam is formed stable and has no obvious slag, and there is no spatter in the welding process. The picture shows the 0.8mm+1.2mm thickness 6 series aluminum alloy tailor-made welding, which is welded by a 1500W fiber laser welding machine.



After traditional welding, it is often necessary to polish the welding points to ensure smoothness and not roughness, while laser welding just reflects more advantages in processing effects. The fiber laser welding machine has excellent beam quality, the laser beam can be focused to close to the diffraction limit, which can easily realize precision processing; there are two working modes of continuous and modulated pulse, which can greatly reduce the processing heat-affected zone; intelligence Bluetooth transmission, mobile terminals loaded with APP can easily check the laser equipment status.

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