Protective measures when using laser cutting machine

In today's metal processing industry, the application of laser cutting machines has become very common, and many companies have adopted new types of laser equipment for material processing and manufacturing. This does improve the production efficiency for manufacturing, but the laser cutting machine also has certain harm to the human body. This article has sorted out some protective measures against the hazards of the laser cutting machine.



eye protection

When the laser cutting machine is working, our eyeballs usually move with the movement of the cutting head, which is also a habitual action. This is also a direct injury to the eyes. When staring at the sparks generated by the cutting for a long time, it will sting the eyes and cause great damage to the eyes. When the laser cuts metal, it will produce a special substance, which is highly dense in the local space when it is cut, and is directly focused on the retina through the refractive medium of the eye to form an image, which will make the retina on the retina. The energy density is higher than that on the cornea, so it will cause damage to the cornea or retina of the eye.


Protection for the skin

During laser cutting, the laser will generate high-brightness sparks. Under long-term irradiation, the laser will stimulate the skin a lot, which will cause damage to the skin tissue. These damages will repair themselves in a short period of time, but in the long run, the human body will definitely be damaged. There is great damage. However, if you do not pay attention to irradiating under the laser for a long time, it will cause skin burns or leave scars. Although the laser damage to the skin is small compared to the eyes, it should be paid enough attention.


Protection against the respiratory tract

The laser will generate a certain high temperature during processing. This high temperature can be combined with gas to complete various cutting tasks. During this process, some dust will fly up. The dust is all fine particles of processed metal materials, and some materials contain Metal materials are harmful substances, which have great damage to the human body. When working near the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to wear a dust mask at all times to avoid unnecessary harm to the human body caused by inhaling harmful substances.



Laser cutting machines have a wide range of applications in many industries. Remember to follow the operating procedures when using them, so that laser cutting machines can better serve the public.

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