What aspects should be paid attention to when the laser cutting machine is running

Many companies will choose to add new equipment during the current period. The metal processing industry is currently worth adding laser cutting machines.


Large-scale equipment should pay attention to the operating environment when working. It will have an impact on the working efficiency of the equipment, and will cause serious losses to it. So what aspects should be paid attention to in the operating environment of the laser cutting machine?



Ambient temperature:


The laser cutting machine is recommended to operate in a constant temperature environment.


Only in a constant temperature environment can the processing accuracy and normal operation of the equipment be guaranteed.


The working temperature of the semiconductor in the laser cutting machine is required to be below 40°C, and the temperature of the motor cabinet is generally higher than the room temperature.


Once the equipment temperature is too high, the failure rate will also increase. Since the laser cutting machine uses distilled water or pure water as the cooling medium, the operating ambient temperature of the laser should be above 5 °C, so in order to make the system work well, the ambient temperature should preferably be controlled above 5 °C, but not more than 35 °C .



Ambient humidity:


Laser cutting machines require that the relative humidity of the working environment is generally less than 70%.


In a high temperature and high humidity environment, once the equipment is shut down, the temperature difference between the inside and outside is too large, and the moisture in the air will form condensation on the motherboard parts, and the condensation cannot evaporate in a short time. cause the device to fail.


Environmental dust:


During the long-term cutting work of the equipment, the fine cutting dust will fly around without treatment, which will seriously affect the health of the operator. can cause damage to the appliance.


It is recommended that the laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with good dust removal equipment when working.


Wiring line:


The normal operation of the equipment must have a good grounding. Other lines should not be exposed to the environment as much as possible.


If they must be exposed to the environment, appropriate protection should be carried out to avoid accidents such as motor failure caused by the damage and melting of the line colloid. The internal wiring and wiring should be smooth, try to make the lines clear and not entangled, and each line should be classified and fixed to facilitate maintenance.


Natural environment:


It is forbidden to expose the whole machine to the sun, and it should be placed in a place that cannot be exposed to the sun, and it should be equipped with good lighting conditions for use.


There should be ventilation around the equipment to avoid the impact on nearby operators if the dust is not removed in time during cutting. It is recommended to be equipped with a voltage stabilizer when the equipment is used, so as to avoid unnecessary losses to the equipment caused by unstable power.

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