Application of laser cutting machine in kitchen and bathroom industry

Most kitchen and bathroom products are made of stainless steel, which is widely favored by the market for its corrosion resistance, aesthetics and practicability.


The traditional sheet metal processing method is cumbersome, time-consuming, and labor costs are high, which cannot meet the needs of the market.


With the use of laser cutting machines, the kitchen and bathroom products manufacturing industry has been completely refreshed.



In the process of processing, the cutting of stainless steel materials and the pattern engraving on the metal surface can be completed by automatic programming of the fiber laser cutting machine.


Different from traditional processing methods, laser cutting technology has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting end face, and no need for secondary processing.


In addition, it is very important that laser cutting processing saves a lot of costs for enterprises. Because laser cutting does not require molds and knives, it greatly saves the cost of mold opening.


Moreover, the labor cost will also be greatly saved. The work that was done by ten people can now be operated by one person.


Laser cutting technology can well meet the customized needs of the kitchen and bathroom products market. It has a shorter production cycle, no need to make molds, and reduces the time and cost of mold opening.


There is no burr on the machined surface, no secondary processing is required, and there is no problem after proofing. Mass production can be achieved quickly.


In terms of 304 and 306 stainless steel materials, they are widely used in products such as range hood panels, gas appliance panels and other products.


The thickness is generally thin. Within 3mm, this stainless steel sheet material is very suitable for laser cutting, with high efficiency and no Burrs do not need secondary processing, which makes the processing speed several times.

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