Green Olympics|Laser applications in hydrogen energy industry


Fun facts about the 2022 Winter Olympics

Ø China's Olympic torches are all hydrogen-fueled

Ø The main torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics was lit with hydrogen fuel at the opening ceremony

Ø 625 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were put into the competition area

At the same time, China's first hydrogen testing laboratory was officially put into operation in Chongli, Hebei Province, China is using its technological strength to interpret the concept of "Green Olympics".


The hydrogen industry is booming

Hydrogen energy is the cleanest of all known energy sources, and hydrogen vehicles are considered to be the "ultimate new energy vehicle solution". Many countries’ governments have introduced supportive policies in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry. It is predicted that the global market size of fuel cell vehicles will exceed 1.98 million units in 2030.

As the core of hydrogen energy vehicles, hydrogen energy fuel cells will also see explosive growth and the market demand will increase greatly. However, due to the precise structure of fuel cell, it needs higher technical support in the production process.


Laser application in hydrogen fuel cell

HGTECH has developed hydrogen fuel bipolar plate welding, cutting, coding and automation solutions for the bipolar plate, the "skeleton" of fuel cells, and has been closely laying out cooperation with the hydrogen fuel bipolar plate processing market, led by bipolar plate welding equipment.


1. Bipolar plate cutting equipment


For pole plate cutting process, fibre laser with linear motor module, CCD positioning system, coaxial gas protection, custom fixture, to achieve product positioning and process protection before laser cutting. Processing efficiency up to 60mm/s, high yield, no burr, no distortion.


2. Bipolar plate welding equipment


For automatic welding of bipolar plates. Customised core light source, with vibrating mirror welding system, customised fixture, coaxial blowing system, large format XYZ double station gantry structure, can meet the market mainstream product processing. Processing efficiency up to 30s/plate, no deformation after welding, good sealing performance.


3. Bipolar plate airtight testing equipment


For gas tightness testing of single or finished plates. Adopt differential pressure leak picker, realize data upload in sections, realize hydrogen channel, oxygen channel, water channel in batches or synchronous testing according to customer's requirements, automatically upload statistical data, low gas pressure automatic alarm.


4. Bipolar plate coding equipment


For coding and reading of bipolar plates. Adopt fibre laser, with double station oscillating mirror scanning system, CCD positioning system to achieve accurate positioning before laser engraving and reading function after laser engraving. The code reading rate can reach 99.5% at one time, A-level code assignment, the minimum size can reach 2.5x2.5mm; custom worktable processing width can reach 500x300mm.


5. Bipolar plate automation whole line



Newly upgraded V2.0 automation line version, optimized for processing efficiency, and the stability and yield of the production line are also greatly improved.


For the stack processing process,HGTECH has built Automatic Strap Bending and Welding Equipment.The equipment is equipped with a double-action electric stack assembly press to ensure uniform force on the electric stack and high precision of electric stack assembly. Automatic conveying, cutting, bending and welding of electric stack steel straps reduces labor cost and improves processing efficiency.


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