Market application and development prospect of fiber laser pipe cutting machine

The rapid development of the manufacturing industry has also driven the increasing consumption of metal pipes, and the demand for pipes is also increasing. The timely appearance of laser pipe cutting machines has injected new blood into pipe processing.


Laser pipe cutting machines are used in all kinds of fine processing, and are widely used in the cutting and opening of pipes. Laser cutting of pipes accounts for more than 40% of industrial laser processing, and is a large application technology in the laser industry.



Analysis of the characteristics and advantages of laser pipe cutting machine:


The laser cutting tube can be automatically cut by borrowing computer-aided design software for graphic design and importing the cutting machine operating system. Usually, a database is included in the operating system, and the key information includes the material type, thickness and geometry of the tube, etc.


The real difference of the laser pipe cutting machine is the precision of cutting, which adopts the chuck and push-type cutting method, and has high centering precision and processing precision; due to the improvement of modern laser cutting machines, the industrial manufacturing of small diameter pipes is involved. Applications are greatly accelerated.


The laser pipe cutting machine can be adjusted according to these deformations to ensure the precision of pipe cutting, which cannot be achieved by many traditional processes.


Laser pipe cutting machine application pipe material range: round pipe, oval pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, special-shaped pipe and other types of pipe cutting, copper and other materials; widely applicable industries include fitness equipment, oil pipelines, construction machinery, automobiles Manufacturing, household appliances production and other pipe processing industries.


In the future, the laser pipe cutting machine industry will tend to develop informatization, high efficiency and environmental protection.


Therefore, the strategic positioning and guidance of the laser pipe cutting machine industry should be strengthened, so as to promote enterprises to strengthen large-scale development, improve efficiency and informatization, intelligence so as to better meet the needs of market development.

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