What industries are fiber laser cutting machines used in?

Fiber laser cutting machines are already outstanding in the metal processing industry, occupying the market with the advantages of cutting accuracy, speed, efficiency and low pollution.


All major metal processing is inseparable from the cutting process. In sheet metal processing, cutting and blanking is the main link. The laser cutting machine has replaced other traditional blanking methods and has become the mainstream cutting and blanking equipment.


1. Household appliances and kitchenware industry



Home appliances and kitchen utensils are basically made of thin plates. Before the stamping and drawing process, the fiber laser cutting machine is used to process the panel samples to quickly develop new products.


The cutting speed of the laser processing equipment is fast, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.


At the same time, the laser processing equipment has high cutting precision, which improves the yield of range hoods and burning appliances.


For some special-shaped products, fiber laser cutting machines have unique advantages, including power distribution cabinets, filing cabinets, etc., all of which are standardized production of thin plates and require efficiency. The use of laser cutting machines can significantly improve efficiency.


2. Agricultural machinery industry



There are many types of sheet metal processing parts for agricultural machinery products, and they are updated quickly.


The traditional sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery products usually use the punching method, which consumes a lot of molds. If the processing of parts still stays in the traditional way, it will seriously restrict the replacement of products.


The flexible processing characteristics of the laser are reflected. Laser processing can realize the cutting of various shapes of plates with the help of programming software.


Using laser processing not only has fast processing speed, high efficiency, and low cost, but also does not need to replace molds or tools, shortening the production preparation time.


It can also keep up with the pace when the product is updated, and the new style can be cut by re-drawing and programming. It is easy to realize continuous processing, the laser beam transposition time is short, and the production efficiency is high.


Various workpieces can be installed alternately. When a workpiece is processed, the completed parts can be removed and the workpiece to be processed can be installed to realize parallel processing.


3. Construction machinery industry


In the construction machinery industry, fiber laser cutting circular holes can be used as long as the diameter of the workpiece circular hole is greater than or equal to the plate thickness, and the roughness and diameter requirements are within the guaranteed capacity of the cutting machine when faced with a specific plate thickness.


The laser directly cuts the material, eliminating the drilling process and improving the labor production efficiency.


For some workpieces with many holes, the spotting function of the fiber laser cutting machine is used to determine the position of the hole, which saves the time for positioning the hole for the subsequent hole drilling process, and also saves the production cost of the drilling template, which not only improves the Production efficiency, but also improve the accuracy of the product.


No matter what industry, as long as the production efficiency of equipment can improve the profit, it will greatly increase. Choosing a suitable equipment will be more conducive to the development of the enterprise, not only saving costs but also improving efficiency.


In addition to the application of fiber laser cutting machines to the above industries, automobiles, aerospace, steel construction, elevator manufacturing, and printing industries have corresponding development space.

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