The Advantages of Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The prerequisite of the tube laser cutting machine is the laser. The laser generator is different from the wave length of the light, and since there is a lot of information, there is no electromagnetic interference, it is not easy to disclose the data signal, and is often used for communication engineering. When applied to a metal composite laser cut, its efficiency has a high degree of density, and the performance advantage of narrow source is mainly manifested.


So, what are the advantages of technical professional tube laser cutting machine?

1. Professional tube laser cutting has high precision, and the specifications of high precision wounds are complete and clean, no burr, raw material loss.


2. The thermal influence zone of laser cut is not large, there is almost no thermal deformation, and no oxidity can produce high quality, more consistent parts, especially in automatic welding in the back.


3. Laser cutting efficiency is high and can be mass production.


4. Every manipulation of laser cutting can be used as a constant operation step to unify the same control module, which greatly reduces freight logistics time.

5. The standard tube length is 6 meters, and the traditional manufacturing method must be very thick, and the laser cutting production process can be very simple to carry out the precise positioning of several meters long tube clamps, which makes mass production reality. It is very possible.


6. The tube laser cutting machine adopts the data information automatic control system, and is also one of the characteristics of laser cutting tube laser cutting tube. First ensure accuracy and actual operation flexibility, tube laser cutting machine can be processed to develop a model of manufacturing operation procedures, and can be carried out in every direction.


7. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without having to help all common tools. Simply modify the design plan, and will not harm all commodity production processes; more advantages, terminal equipment customers can control short editions or medium-end production and processing, without producing many templates, that can quickly put into action according to customer satisfaction, to make personalized customization to the possibility.


Professional tube laser cutting machine, can replace industrial equipment opening, drilling, sawing, stamping parts, processing or eliminating girlfriend, etc. laser cutting, fillet, cutting or holes, scale, and other specifications and processing, etc.

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