HGLASER Three-dimensional Five-axis Laser Cutting Machine Introduction

Three-dimensional laser cutting of three-dimensional parts of punching, cutting holes, replacing trimming molds and punching modes, shortens new model research and development cycles, so to reducing manufacturing costs. The machine are mainly used in new model trial, small mass production, and heat-forming parts producing.

Three-dimensional Five-axis laser cutting machine

HGLASER industrial  3D five-axis laser cutting machine follows safety, system integration, quality, precision, reliability, loss of six major design concepts, providing users with high efficiency, high value laser intelligence equipment.

  • Safety: a machine safety protection feature contains a protective cover, a safe grating. The protective cover is fully sealed, and the equipment in the cover is processed, isolates the processing and exit, guarantees safety; the cover passes the horizontal grating and the vertical grating to ensure the absolute safety of the turntable;
  • System integration ability: all core transmission speed reducer, rail, rack, motor, and towline in the machine adopt international first-line brands, all imported, performance matching, optimal, high-precision, long life, stability Equivalent;
  • Quality: Accumulated investment of 400 million yuan, introducing more than 160 world top machines and test equipment to ensure the accuracy of the machine. With quality first, multiple provinces and municipal quality gold prizes, quality benchmark enterprises, quality and strong market backbone enterprises and other honorary titles;
  • Accuracy: Test the hole, aperture, and outer contour size, the accuracy of the hole: 0-0.1mm, the accuracy of the side: ≤ ± 0.5mm;

Three-dimensional Five-axis laser cutting machine sample

  • Reliability: The entire machine structure has passed the CAE optimization analysis. After the installation is completed, the vibration frequency, modality and other dynamic performance tests, as well as the running machine test for 72 hours to ensure the reliability of the equipment for a long time.

With the three-dimensional parts of the market industry, high steel and other needs, aerospace, parts, direct driving, automotive thermal forming, mold trial, truck, engineering machinery and other industries applied three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting equipment. HGLASER is more advantageous to serve the domestic core technology and industrial scale. There are currently more than 80 three-dimensional five-axis cutting equipment used in automotive thermal forming, automotive molds, aerospace, scientific research institutes, civilian curved processing, electric car pipe processing and other industries. After multi-industry inspection, the machines are more mature and stable, and it is more convenient and efficient, helping to build an upgrade.

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