The Development Direction Of laser Cutting Machine

laser cutting machine is an industry-specific equipment for the processing of the flexible circuit boards and cover film products. Compared with traditional punch processing methods, laser cutting  has higher precision, no burrs on the edge, no need to open molds, and higher flexibility. Compatible with a wide range of processed products, and can mark products with QR code. The use of laser cutting in the  field has become the mainstream equipment. After so many years of development, what is the development trend of the laser cutting machines? Is it developing in those directions?


 Laser Cutting Machine


After several generations of development of the laser cutting machine, especially with the breakthrough of domestic high-power ultraviolet lasers, the price of pure domestic 10W the laser cutting machine can reach the lowest price of more than 300,000 yuan in the market, which greatly improves the laser The popularity of cutting machines has played a strong supporting role in the popularization of laser processing applications in the market. The development of a new generation of the laser cutting machines is also developing in the direction of high power, ultra-short pulse, multi-purpose and multi-integrated science and technology.


1. Development direction of high power

In the old generation of the laser cutting machines, 8-12W UV lasers are often used. With the reduction of the cost of the laser, and also to further improve the efficiency of the laser cutting process, the power selection of the laser cutting machine They are all lasers above 15W, and some require dual-head or even 4-head 5-head equipment for processing, which can meet the needs of fast and efficient processing.


2.Development direction of multiple science and technology

 laser cutting machine is a high-tech processing tool integrating light, machine and electricity. It itself is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary science and technology integration equipment. On the basis of the original, the new generation of the laser cutting machine has added an intelligent system , mainly in automatic loading and unloading, and automatic rejection of defective products. On the other hand, in order to further improve efficiency, high-power ultraviolet lasers are used for splitting or multi-laser, and multi-head cutting is used.


In addition, the laser cutting machine is only a small workstation in the field of the production and application. In the field of comprehensive development in the future, the laser will combine with other disciplines to provide comprehensive solutions for the whole station, which can be expected in the future.


3. Development direction of ultrashort pulse

The  laser cutting machine will cause a certain degree of carbonization in the processing process, which will have a certain impact on the electrical conductivity of the circuit. The new generation of the laser cutting machines can add ultra-short pulse picosecond or femtosecond according to requirements. The laser cutting machine model can effectively solve the problem of edge carbonization, but at present, the cost of ultra-short pulse laser is high, and the current use is still not common, and the future market can be expected. It can also be seen from this that laser practitioners have been working hard to find better solutions in the field of , and have found solutions that can be provided.


4. Multi-purpose development direction

At present, the main purpose of the laser cutting machine is to cut , and some manufacturers require laser cutting machine to be used for two-dimensional code laser marking, and can identify it, and determine products at the same time. NG products, and at the same time can eliminate the function of defective products. The new generation of the laser cutting machines must also consider these synchronization factors, and in the future market, the role of the laser cutting machines is not only a workstation, but needs to start from the entire  production line to do integrated production planning , Do production line production planning, do intelligent assembly line planning.


The development of  laser cutting machine is not limited to the content mentioned in the above four points, but more as a manufacturer, it is necessary to cooperate with the manufacturer's research and development, do a good job in the research and development of the next generation of the products, cooperate with research and development, and jointly develop a product suitable for smart factories. products, and can effectively implement the plan of China's intelligent manufacturing 2025.


 Laser Cutting Machine


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