What's The Difference Between 3D Five Axis Laser Cutting Machine And Ordinary One?

What is three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machine? What's the difference between 3D Five Axis Laser Cutting Machine and ordinary laser cutting machine?


Laser cutting is to focus the laser into a laser beam with high power density through the optical path system, irradiate the surface of the workpiece, making the workpiece reach the melting point and complete the steel plate cutting in an instant.


Laser cutting has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to the limitation of cutting patterns, automatic typesetting, saving materials, smooth incision and low processing cost. At present, it has gradually replaced the traditional metal cutting process equipment.

3D five axis laser cutting machine


Laser cutting can cut: carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, manganese steel, aluminum alloy, brass plate, titanium alloy plate and other metal materials. It is widely used in: kitchen appliances, sheet metal cases, mechanical equipment, aerospace, shipbuilding, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting and processing and other industries.


So, what does three-dimensional five axis laser cutting mean?


The laser cutting machine can cut any figure on the plane of steel plate through NC programming. The conventional laser cutting head can only complete the vertical linear cutting, and the cutting edge of the steel plate forms a right angle with the plane. However the cutting head of three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machine adopts fully automatic infinite rotation structure, which can realize 360 ° groove cutting. This cutting process can cut various grooves of steel plate: A-type, V-type, Y-type and X-type.

3d five-axis laser cutting machine sample


3d five-axis laser cutting machine sample


This process greatly reduces the material preparation time in the production of thick wall welded pipe. For example, for 20mm thick steel plate, if the beveling machine is used, the groove cutting of one side takes about 40-50 minutes. On the three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machine, it only takes 2-3 minutes to complete.


Moreover, the incision cut by laser cutting has no mechanical stress and no shear burr. It has high machining precision, good repeatability and no damage to the material surface. Therefore, for stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers, equipped with such a laser cutting machine is very awesome. The production cycle of stainless steel thick wall welded pipe can be advanced at least 1-2 days.


At present, a company equipped with such a 15000 Watt high-power three-dimensional five axis laser plate cutting machine, can not only completes the production and material preparation of the factory, but also provides plate cutting processing. It supports processing with supplied materials, and can also contract labor and materials. NC programming can process any plan. It can cut the whole board with a large format without opening a mold, which is economical and time-saving.

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