HGTECH launched new high-speed splitting spectroscopic laser welding machine

HGTECH launched new high-speed splitting spectroscopic laser welding machine

The application of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the production demand is changing rapidly. Consumers continue to put forward new requirements for the quality of parts, medical technology and digital products, thus promoting the progress of production processes. High-speed spectroscopic welding technology came into being towards "more economical, faster and stronger"! Huagong Laser's new generation of "Photolink" series high-speed spectroscopic welding machine provides a perfect solution for the application of new technology!

High-speed splitting spectroscopic laser welding machine, which is widely used in 3C precision devices, medical endoscopes, mobile phone precision motors, battery pole pieces and other production fields.

The high-speed spectroscopic laser welding machine realizes multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-station processing, and rapidly switches the optical path at high frequency to improve efficiency.
The energy of each channel of one-point two-one-point four high-speed splitting is 100% of the total energy, which is equivalent to a host can be used as two or even four devices, which greatly saves costs and effectively reduces the floor space.


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